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Dem judges tief Supernovas and Pamberi.

Pamberi and Supernovas have to be in the top two in their categories. What madddddness is this? Dem judges suffering from multiple concussions or the Russians got to them with mind control.

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Pamberi Steel Orchestra- Wrong Again (slow version)

Panorama Preliminaries 2020
Arranger: Andre White
Drummer: Leon Foster Thomas
Tune of choice - Wrong Again sung by Skinny Banton

I need to mention, what Supernovas and Pamberi played this year is approx. 10 times better than their offerings last year. 2020, competition stiff. Pamberi - To gain a few more points, need to decorate the band a bit, tune/paint the drums etc.

Can’t argue with those sentiments.

I wouldn’t say the “judges thief”, they simply got it “wrong again”.

Love Andre White's arrangements.   Reminds me of a very young Boogsie.  Similar lines in some of the passages.  His quote of  Boogsie's "Crying" was tastefully and skillfully done.  Did similar with Shadow's "looking for horn" in last year's arrangement too.

Pamberi needs better pans though

Hey Gus, fix the front line.


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