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Folks need to consider their dietary habits as well which have a tremendous impact on your gut/immune system; eating junk and highly processed sugar laden Frankenstein foods will make you more susceptible to catching the corona or any other type of virus; mainstream media and health officials are not raising this point at all.

Nice one Khuent. Dear Corona, ah not gonna own yuh.

Understood. But more important is to consider the Covid 19 virus as an effect (NOT THE  CAUSE ) on the gross miscalculations of human society beginning from our scientists and creators of radio activity products including all electronic devices. This includes chemo therapy and radiation as trying to kill cancer cells. 3G, 4G and now 5G. They consume neutralizing agents supplied by mother nature through the air we breathe. Plus carbon run machinery equipment. from nuclear weapons down to motor scooters. Mother nature reacts and shows us real nuclear weaponry can be made by her at no cost to her. Real atomic energy that can kill in mass amounts in a matter of very little time, without destroying buildings, plants, and animal life who are all innocent by standards of human management skills, or should it be mismanagement skills. Instead of running the planet efficiently and without war and hatred for each other if we oppose each other whether for good or for bad.

This problem has been going on since the beginning of the modern age. Yes, we use to have diseases from the beginning of time but mass destruction through diseases came only on account of us thinking that we are the mass killers of that which we cannot really create. Instead we as human beings have not stood up to the task of being helpers of the Creator in terms of supporting our brothers and sisters like the plants and animals who also folks too. They living being suffering and enjoying in that way. So mother nature is showing us who is really the boss on this planet earth. COVID is not the boss, she is the effect of the Boss's mentality of "well while you are planning how to destroy My planet by your ignorance, maybe I can show you it is much easier to destroy rather than spending all that money on arms instead of feeding the hungry people and planting more plants and trees and safe guarding wild life who does the natural clean up of the forest areas. Take the state of the AMAZON (no not that Amazon), the real AMAZON, the nostril of the planet itself. So if we continue to destroy planet earth itself, why wouldn't she react. She is a living being too herself. She provides habitat for every living being sitting,standing or lying on her. So when she reacts the Boss Himself agrees with her. He says to her show them how easier it is for US to destroy them.There is a Sanskrit word KOVIDA which means one who is actually God Conscious and Universal conscious and that includes Earth conscious. Such a person is actually KOVIDA-intelligent. But if we don't have that intelligence we attract ignorance and therefore COVID 19 and all others will come along less we turn our wicked ways back to being KOVIDA. It's one of the last calls by MOTHER NATURE. She is actually giving us a warning sign. Take it or leave it. Don't follow the scientist and politicians. They do not know anything. Folow the great sages and saints of the Vedic scriptures, Bible and Quran and others like that. The SIDD.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Break the virus chain - Coronavirus protection

This clip demonstrates how contagious this virus is and how easily it spreads. Do your part to break this chain.


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