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To Whensteeltalks, the Steelpan Community, and PanTrinbago,


The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has definitely hit a low point when innocent pan men are afraid to go to their rehearsals with the fear of being shot and killed by those people in the country who are not living a traditional or true Trini way of life.

Pan-men Henry Cyrus and Wendell Joseph (RIP) were both killed in their perspective panyards over the last week or so.  Beyond that, others were injured including a young schoolboy and an up and coming arranger, composer, panist, wife and mother, Ms. Avis Bruce.  It would be very fitting for Pan Trinbago to dedicate Panorama 2011 to these two pan men and their families. This is ought to be Pan Trinbago’s overture on behalf of the Steel pan community to recognize the dedication love and most of all the unselfishness of these two pan men.  Beyond that, it would show those vagabonds completing these horrendous crimes that panmen do not condone any form of violence.  Pan-men have always been revolutionaries changing the stigma and ideologies of people on a constant basis.  When we all cross the stage this year, we should play “the Beautiful Music” for these beautiful souls as they would have done in their perspective bands.

I hope Pan Trinbago can seize upon this opportunity to undertake this protocol to give the assurance that despite all the obstacles our pan men face, that pan music is the source of our survival. This is not a petition but a request!




Kenrick Headley

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What a shame, I guess the next thing to all band leaders is to start running a back ground check on all their members to see if they are associated with any gangs. This is a new plague that is now rising up in our beautiful country of Trinidad. Given a second though, if a member or members are known to be gang members what would stop them from retaliation if they are thrown out of a certain band? this is really scaring to think about. I have not heard anything of substance coming out of the Art's Minister's mouth on this subject. Why don't he put up some kind of a reward $$$$$$ for information that would lead to the arrest of these scum bags?...I can't hear you Sir., perhaps the best logical thing to do is give back the pan men their $200.00 dollars that would be a start in the right direction. By the way where is the progress since we now have a supper cop crime fighter from Canada, I don't hear anything from him, and I don't hear an out cry from our citizens what is really going on in my beloved country? God help us all. Madam PM please wake up from your deep sleep before it's to late, we need real

change not TALK, TALK TALK, ah tired. Get a real crime fighter like "SUPPER MAN".      


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