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[1].   In October 2012, I submitted my nomination [duly supported by two financial members] for the upcoming elections to the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago. The Secretary sent me a letter stating that my nomination was rejected as I was a delegated member of an UNFINANCIAL Steelband. My band, Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars had won Panorama in 2011 & 2012.   

Upon inquiry with my band’s management, I was told that Pan Trinbago owed the band Panorama Appearance Fees. PT Inc. was told to deduct the annual registration fees from what was due to the band. In fact, Mr. Forteau signed a document [October 2012] acknowledging that the 2011 & 2012 Appearance Fees were outstanding to the band which was submitted into evidence in the High Court.

Under oath on the witness stand, Mr. Forteau testified to this fact. He also stated that the band was deemed financial on August 31st 2012 and was registered for Panorama 2013. Yet, in October 2012, the band was deemed unfinancial.

This was a blatant attempt by the executive of PT Inc. to deny me my right to contest the 2012 elections. As such an injunction was filed, which stopped the 2012 CEC elections from taking place. The lawyers were paid from personal funds. The matter was heard in the San Fernando High Court on December 3rd 2012 [Justice Rahim] and his decision was given on January 17th 2013.

Justice Rahim stated that in member organizations, where the organization owes its member funds, and where the amount owed is greater than the annual registration fees, then the organization cannot declare the member unfinancial. As such, I was eligible to contest the 2012 elections; my nomination should not have been rejected by the Secretary.

My colleague, Keith Simpson had his nomination rejected when he was deemed as not being a delegate. Pan Trinbago had in its possession a document from St. James Tripolians that the any member of the band’s management team was duly authorized as a delegate. The document listed the names of the management team. Mr. Simpson is Manager of his band. In court, Pan Trinbago conceded.

Pan Trinbago appealed the above judgement which was heard and the decision given on February 23rd 2015 by the Appeal Court Judges supporting Justice Rahim’s decision that my band was not unfinancial and I was eligible to contest the elections. They also noted that Keith Simpson was a duly authorized delegate of his band. Once again our personal funds had to be used to pay our lawyers to defend the appeal.

In the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday October 25th 2015, Keith Diaz President, stated that  our court matter  caused the organization to spend over $600,000 in legal fees – what he did not say is that by appealing the judgement and losing , they had to pay the additional high legal fees involved.


[2].  At the AGM on Sunday October 25th, I submitted a letter signed by my Administration Manager indicating that I was replacing my manager as one of the two delegates of the band. This was submitted at 8:00am. The register was duly initialed by PT Inc. personnel and I was allowed to sign as a delegate and provided with my delegate badge.

When I approached the microphone to counter the erroneous information being provided by the incumbent Executive to those present, I was treated with disrespect by the President. When I countered that I had submitted the letter [seven other bands submitted similar letters that morning] I was told to “get away from the microphone”. It is a pity that a female delegate is treated with such disrespect, by the President.  

Once again as a duly authorized delegate of my band I was denied my right to speak under the constitution of Pan Trinbago.


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Last Governments since 1963. It is now cancerous.

Cecil, you continue to blame the 'past Government' for the ills of PT. You should also tell us that everything was A O K with PT prior to 2010. I trust that NOW, everything will be alright.

patrick, the Government is the one that fund PT so I think they should shoulder most of the blame,they cannot be issuing tax payers money and not demanding accountability and this is even before 2010. The steelband is at the side at the road today and the future don't look too bright who would you say is responsible?

Yes Patrick Ramdoo!!! From now on EVERYTHING WILL BE ALL RIGHT. Haven't you been reading the forum for the last few days. A SAVIOUR has been sent to PAN TRINBAGO by the Lord himself from heaven above. A model corporation leading the nation in economic diversification and bringing in more foreign exchange than oil is ramping up production in Macoya. Saudi Arabia could flood the world with oil and beat prices down to $20.00 a barrel, it will not affect the Trinidad economy any more. PAN is bringing SELF-SUFFICIENCY to PAN TRINBAGO and great wealth to  the NATION at large..


I say Amen to dat!


Did the Management of Trinidad & Tobago All Stars wrote a letter to PanTrinbago requesting an apology for the disrespect shown to its delegate?

Sam, if they got an apology, what then? If people cannot come up with a plan to SHUT DOWN Pan Trinbago just drink the "Kool Aid"

The ting about this predicament is when you pass by the "all inclusive" section in the Grand Stand panorama final night and see some of the people who got free tickets to be wine and dine by PT you will understand why it's so difficult to have good and honest people representing the Steelband.


Cecil, devise a plan to 'shut down' Pan Trinbago. You have to get every band on board and dat and a green donkey you ain't gonna see. It's also difficult to have good and honest people repping the governments of T&T. repping the police svce, repping the port of pos, repping the legal frat, repping the parlor on the corner, repping the good and honest people of Trinidad and Tobago.
That is why millions come and millions go and people steups and go on their merry way. In this country you live for 'holidays' and 'panorama'. EOS.

Patrick, in T&T your CONSTUTIONAL RIGHTS do not mean anything, they're just words written on paper, if the Central Execitive Committee had failed to impeach Diaz for mis-conduct of ARTICLE 4 No's 4.2 & 4.4, and or mis-appropriation of financial funds, I had surgested  to the NV over a year ago that a LEGISLATIVE PROPOSAL to the offices of the PM and the President of T&T, to eradicate/repeal Act  No 5 of 1986, is the only way to delete these vultures...


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