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When Steel Talks joins Despers USA and the global steelpan community in sending prayers and love to Despers USA Steel Orchestra’s member, 18 year-old Latavia Deane who has been valiantly battling cancer for most of her life.  She is now in a coma.  Latavia is a courageous human being with an indomitable spirit. She represents the best in all of us.


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I will be praying for her.
As a father and grandfather of children ,it grieves my heart, for sickness we do not purchase,whereby we that are heathy must give  thanks and praises,there is nothing as strong and effective as sincere prayer,,this i would do for ths young and innocent child with sincereity and the power of christ jesus the only living son of god ,our father whom arth is in heaven,,, hallow be thine name ,,thine kingdom come, thine will be done on earth as it is in heaven...god bless.
From Joshua Mcpherson
To Desper Usa
Count my prayers as well..
I'll pray everyday for her
My Prayers goes out Latavia and her family
I will be praying for you Latavia.

His love has no limit!

His grace has no measure

His power has no boundary

known to men!

Pan Ossia out of Grenada give praises, thanks and asked God to Bless this child. May she become strong again one love.
My sincere prayers and blessings go out to this child

I looked for her in the band for panorama and did not see her, i never knew she was sick so this

is very hard news to swallow i only met her last year when the band played my tune "the last

band" and she was such a vibrant player i couldn't help admire her performance, such an innocent

soul, i'll be praying for her.


God speed Latavia. May the Lord be with you and never leave your side. I pray the Lord to keep you in His arms in this your hour of darkness. That He deliver you from all pain and suffering and grant you peace and mercy, in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
i will pray for this child.

Many people prayed for me during my bout with cancer; some are still praying and many are/were strangers! I know that I pray to God for lots of things and so this morning I ask that He forgets some of my what must be inconsequential prayers so that this young lady can make it in life! As a father myself I humbly ask that You save her Father!!




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