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When Steel Talks joins Despers USA and the global steelpan community in sending prayers and love to Despers USA Steel Orchestra’s member, 18 year-old Latavia Deane who has been valiantly battling cancer for most of her life.  She is now in a coma.  Latavia is a courageous human being with an indomitable spirit. She represents the best in all of us.


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I can't be there this evening in body,But I am sure are there in sprit,I beg the lord to put her soul in a resting place everytime I say my prays.Latavia Deane RIP.
Beautiful and fragile as a flower , thoughts and prayers are with you + your  family . Peace and Love !!!!!!!!!!    winston

My deepest sympathy to her family,I lost two sisters and a mother

to cancer I know the pain and as a pan man respect to Despers. Steel Ork.

Barbados All Stars R.I.P
May she live on in the memories that sh came across during her life - by the good that did. My condolences go out out to all her family, friends, and acquaintances.
R.I.P. Latavia, may God's blessing stay with you and your family always!
To the family of Latavia, my prayers are with you, I know that faith and continuing belief in God could pull us through any and all things.  There are times when God is trying to bring families closer to him and at times getting to know him personally through all kinds of situations.  I know that this was a young woman which makes it evern more sad. Continue having faith in God even under these circumstances, only he knows why this beautiful flower had to be taken so early.  I am sure that she will live on in your hearts and all of those whose life she touched.  This should make many take notice about how fragile and short life is, we don't always have as much time as we think.


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