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Chairman of the Carnival Commission Allison Demas, centre, is greeted by president of Pan Trinbago Keith Diaz, right, while vice president Bryon Serrette looks on, during yesterday’s media conferenceTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz says this year’s Panorama competition will be an exciting year for steelband and will lead to the introduction of Panorama as an international pan competition in 2014.

Though Diaz divulged little details about the event, he said competitors could begin registration as early as March 15.

This year’s competition also will see a change on the final night as the usual prize-giving, which takes place on the night of the finals, will be postponed to an award ceremony on February 22.
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Claude Boi, ANYBODY would be BETTER than the present administration, simply because THEY would have THEIR point to prove. But more than this, it is up to US the Pan Diehearts to put  the pressure on and make things happen. How did you think this idea of International Panorama came up? Diaz is under pressure to perform, and he knows that he has too do something to LOOK GOOD. My question still remains, WHERE IS THIS INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA FUNDING COMING FROM?? I am not against International Panorama, and I am not against the investment, but I dont want MY Tax dollars go in Dem Fellas Hands. Call me negative if you wish.Every year too much moneys not accounted for and Steelbands not paid on time, and Pan Players complaining of not being paid, and Dem Fellars Living Like KINGS. ENOUGH OF THIS DAMN NONSENSE!!! 

Does Trinidad and Tobago have the infrastructure and or will to pull this off? I've of some horror stories has it relates to the housing situation of the Tobago bands over the years and they are local. Maybe a truly international panorama should be a once every decade event with alternate host countries.



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