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Did KEITH DIAZ instruct THE JUDGES to lowball SAN CITY STEELBAND and Aquil Arrindell and eliminate them from the SEMIS on Sunday?

The young SAN CITY PLAYERS who worked so hard to get to the NEXT LEVEL are now left twiddling their thumbs and shedding tears (eliminated) as they sit on the sidelines and watch the battle for the TOP PRIZE unfold. Some people are saying that KEITH DIAZ instructed the judges "make sure that San City does not make it to the next round" because their leader is a POLITICAL ENEMY.

Now, to be honest, I tried to listen to the SAN CITY version of "YEAR FOR LOVE" but I did not get very far.

However, this accusation leaves me a little concerned as to the possibility of COLLUSION. And, as we all know, there is a lot of that going on all over RUSSIA and AMERICA right now. So, why not PANORAMA.

On the other hand, Gregory Lindsay's band made it to the SEMIS and Gregory is a rabid political opponent of THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ. Or maybe (just maybe) Aquil Arrindell is not as good an arranger as he thinks he is -- I will have to discuss that with the HIGHLY RESPECTED PAN HISTORIAN and PAN AFICIONADO: The Great RUSSELL PROVIDENCE!!!

After spending the WHOLE WEEK campaigning for the THREE YANKEE ARRANGERS to win the PANORAMA based on their brilliant musical interpretation of "HELLO" (much the best) I would hate to know that the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ was secretly telling the judges: We eh ready for that BIG FORWARD STEP in the PANORAMA as yet!!!"

Now, everybody know that I eh no big TWO LEFT SMITH fan -- but after all the man do for his whole lifetime promoting PAN in Europe ... Keith Diaz coulda tell the judges to PUT the man in the SEMIS on SUNDAY -- even for HISTORICAL PURPOSES. What is one more band when yuh done have GOD KNOWS how many all competing on ONE DAY.

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There is no evidence that says he didn't. So given the history of Rolly Polly and his gangstas he must have. 


Bugs...Bugs....big men like allyuh?...Really?!!

This has to be utter nonsense. Then Keith Diaz would have to 'Low Ball' 90% of the bands. Without evidence, this accusation has no  merit and doesn't deserve discussion. I am not a Diaz fan as I have had personal disagreements with him. But this sounds ridiculous..

yuh is writin' bullshit !!!

Nah, impossible. They didn't play well enough to make it through. On the issue of "collusion", in sweet T&T? Never, never?. To sleep, perchance to dream. Doh wake me.

On 'Two Left Smith', sentimentality doh count.



Everybody accusing you of fake news.  Looks like you will be fired before Robert Mueller



This is how I responded to Mr. Arrindell's video message in his discussion,

A Message from San City Steel Symphony


"In all my years rung steelband, literally growing up in a panyard, I never yet hear a steelband leader trying tuh talk dey way into de next round ah de competition. So "panarama" is a debate now?

Dat is ah classic example ah taking in front. Usually ah ban does puh dong dey bess performance, an when dey eh qualify say, "we did know dat inno, dey teef ". Yuh ever hear ah steelband leader literally narrating de quality ah dey arrangement, an making projections fuh de judging criteria before dey puh dong wuk? Dis man trying tuh influence de judges owha? Is like talking technique and strategy before ah football match, telling de spectators, "we have ball control, we could real trap de ball, we does run in the space, hand off de ball early, because is ah proven fact de ball does travel faster that de player, an eh shaking de onion bag not fuh nutten on de day ah de match".

I never hear more in my life!

These fellas an dem brave oui!

Ah mean,

These fellas an dem eh bet dey "bowlface" nah boi!"

Reply by Russell Providence 2 minutes ago

Aquil, you may have made a huge mistake to stab Keith Diaz and his executive in the back, and may have ended up like the dog in the story of "the dog and the bone". My sources in the pan world tell me that it was Keith Diaz and his executive that brought you into their inner circle, embraced you and made you an executive member of the world governing body for steelband (succession planning), a feat you could never have achieved on your own merit, or with the help of those who continually encourage you in your "war of words" with the sitting executive. Look at where the band T&TEC once sponsored is sitting, and ask yourself, "why am I not showcasing my merchandise in the biggest show of carnival, "The Savannah Party"?

bugs: Now yuh see how it is working!!! Don't be influenced by the part-time, panorama posters who are SHORT on the LONG story!!! Ah was going to tell yuh that NOBODY in the world could read the mind of KEITH DIAZ better than me -- but then I realize that with Russell Providence on the forum I have slipped into position number two.

But ah still ranking high in the profiling!!! I will never stab THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ in the back the way AQUIL did. If MR. DIAZ gives me a job in PAN TRINBAGO I will take an OATH OF LOYALTY like any good TRUMP subordinate.

I keep saying, to much emphasis on Panorama.

my youths accustom to inhaling savanna dust and if they want to inhale some more this year they will head down by the SECOND PLACE BAND IN THE LARGE BAND CATEGORY, WHO GOING TO WIN THE PANORAMA THIS YEAR, and take a knock. Is only love in the house in south. lol

I have a good understanding of the mechanic in there, and i know for sure, is not no committee pick the judges.

and i always hear claude ppl, o sorry, i meant old people say "who pay the piper call the tune".

Wether or not he did it, we made up our minds that this is our message to them and at the same time we will give the world a good product and to hell with the results. 

Thought San City may appear small, we are far bigger than panorama. Our goals are global and panorama is just another learning opportunity for us all at a national level. according to the young ppl " we doh beat up".

The fight continues.

Things must, and will change for the better of pan.

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the panorama.

Fella, Panorama is de Olympics of Pan. Doh matter hummuch world games ah athlete go to, if yuh cyah make olympic qualifying times, compete, an podium, yuh career cyah be considered successful.

Panorama is de world cup of Pan. Yuh could win hummuch  ballon d'or, and play in hummuch el classico, or FA final at Wembley, if yuh never play in a world cup and/or lift de Jules Rimet yuh eh do nutten.

Michel Platini will never make that mistake as great a player as he is considered, never lifted de jules rimet as a player.

Panorama may eventually evolve, but so did the olympics, and the world cup of football, but the significance, the importance of those events have never diminished, and the desire of any athlete and footballer is to compete at the olympics and world cup respectively. Ask Gregory, that is what Panorama is to Pan Fella.

To each his own bro.

Alyuh run down the panorama thing, and let me do mine.

just go back the the recording.

listen to the sadness right after the verse and chorus as the motif developed "fire go bun them"

then the excitement of the protest right after the samba in the melodic development passage, with effective use quaver notes in cut time and contrapuntal chromaticism.

the unison as the whole band repeatedly, shout at them with their instrument "big man go look for a wok"

the rage the frustration, the this disgust of all pan ppl local and international in the executive behaviour, in the african/rock feel

and the happiness at the end when we finally get them out, while we repeat the motif "this is the year for love".........

a mean, they is real no greater sense of accomplishment to me, than when my art is well done, executed, and appreciated by those really feel it. 

i must say a heart felt thanks to the management team of San City and the players who supported the cause and continue to believe in me and the music. Ppl who sacrifice their time and money knowing that our faith was sealed before the first note was played. Like soldiers going into battle knowing the will not live to see tomorrow but they intent to take as many as they can before the inevitable. Heroes you all are to me. Without you they is not me and i know our sacrifice would probably never bear fruit for our band but it will definitely do so for the whole organisation in the near future. Thank you San City for Your Sacrifice. I am honoured to serve as your leader.



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