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Yesterday I had thread going on Pan Trivia about Andy Narell and his music and realize that some of his recordings are from the 80s, which means the guy has been doing his ting for quite some time on the international stage. I don't know of any other person that comes close to what he has accomplished. I've since asked some influential pan people if he was ever acknowledge for his contribution and not one can tell me if he has. One person assured me that history will look kindly on him because he did DO SOMETHING FOR PAN.

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The tiebreaker here is, Andy is not a Trini, the same as Panyard Inc. They both excel wid "we ting"

Very true Cecil, if we are not careful someday they will surpass us in we thing and proclaim pan as they thing, and sadly, they maybe worthy of it..I say sadly because in reality there's no contest when it comes to the talent that has evolved from T&T..


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