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Yesterday I had thread going on Pan Trivia about Andy Narell and his music and realize that some of his recordings are from the 80s, which means the guy has been doing his ting for quite some time on the international stage. I don't know of any other person that comes close to what he has accomplished. I've since asked some influential pan people if he was ever acknowledge for his contribution and not one can tell me if he has. One person assured me that history will look kindly on him because he did DO SOMETHING FOR PAN.

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PAN in TRINIDAD is PRIDEFULLY A BLACK THING and a TRINIDAD THING. And for TRINIDADIANS to face the fact that a WHITE AMERICAN could rise to such GLOBAL HEIGHTS with the PAN is a bit of an INSULT to the TRINIDAD GENIUS OF PAN.

When that man (ANDY NARELL) started to emerge out here in the EIGHTIES if you know how the SMALL TRINIDAD COMMUNITY out here hated that man and cuss that man for TIEFING WE PAN -- yuh would have been shocked to see and hear. And to me it was just a small reflection of what to expect coming out of TRINIDAD once ANDY gained GLOBAL RECOGNITION. And the GREATER TRINIDAD COMMUNITY ran TRUE TO FORM in hating, cussing and abusing him for PLAYING THE PAN.

Even so, people are still looking at ANDY NARELL on the surface because they have NO IDEA of the depth of his GLOBAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS with THE PAN. And they cannot bring themselves to check out the whole story because that is a HURTFUL TRUTH.

But as I have said on THIS FORUM many times before: It takes much more than being able to PLAY THE PAN or to HAVE MUSIC EDUCATION or JUST TO BE WHITE -- to reach THE HEIGHTS that ANDY NARELL has reached.

I know that in MY LIFETIME there will never be another ANDY NARELL or anybody even vaguely close to HIS MUSICAL PACKAGE!!!

For me, the CHERRY ON TOP of the ANDY NARELL EXPERIENCE would be if he could compose ONE MORE PIECE OF MUSIC better than "WE KINDA MUSIC" ... but in all his GREATNESS he cannot get back to that place when he FIRST went to TRINIDAD and heard the ECHO of the island and the BLUES that lives in the heart of the EXPLOITED PAN MEN and was able to capture it and represent it so eloquently in a MUSICAL COMPOSITION!!!

Nice comment, yuh call the spade ah spade.

APPRECIATION... Andy was one of those who acknowledge our great PAN ARRANGERS as WORLD CLASS MUSICIANS, great composers of orchestral music. Their personal life stories, not documented/archived and taught as a course of study for PAN in EDUCATION......change can start from the bottom UP. We live in a GLOBAL village, dey tiefing we ting mentality is for the dinosaur age. Who go love you if you don't know how to love yuh self???

Andy Narell - Speaks on the Steeldrum Artform

Black Stalin - Appreciation

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Smooth Pan Jazz & Kaiso mix

Cecil, what exactly is Andy Narell's contribution to Pan?

From my perspective he made a contribution to music. 

Has the world ever acknowledged Andy Narell's contribution to music?

Why is it only Trinidadians who are screaming how much they love Andy Narell?

Have you ever noticed how many white panist don't like Andy Narell's music?


Bugs, I would say Andy’s contribution to the pan is beyond reproach. He has taken an instrument from a small country and establish a worldwide following. When you see young Japanese pan men and women playing your song, you know it is something special. I was pleased to see Andy in Germany will I was stationed there. If you stop the small island mentality, you would see his contribution is far above those of the usual Trinidadian suspects. At last count, he has produced at least 20 pan albums and with that contribution, you can hear pan on jazz radio. If Andy was self-centered it would have been a different thing. Every opportunity he has, he talks about the birth of pan and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Maybe it’s not your style of music or your jealousy is creeping into your judgment. I say Go Andy Go, establish our culture worldwide.


When you see young Japanese pan men and women playing your song - you know that they have heard your song. more than once

I asked very specific questions. Instead of answering them you spent your time trying to profile and associate me with people you have known in your life.

Again, what is Andy's contribution to Pan?

Who and or what is a small island mentality?

What is a Trinidadian suspect?


Bugs, you seem to want everyone to hold your hand and walk you through step by step, every contribution this man has made to Pan. Andy is a storyteller and in his words and music, he gives praise to Trinidad and Tobago pioneers and legends. I see him as the leading mouthpiece for pan progress in the world. He has singlehandedly done more for the exposure of pan and Trinidad and Tobago than the Trinidad Tourist board or Pan Trinbago ever did. That is his contribution to Pan.
Small Island Mentality is when you say If not, We, it should not be He. If Andy was black, I doubt we would be having this discussion.

Could not have said it any better


I don't know why you brought race into this. But since you did.

Does Andy even rank in the all time top 20 greatest Trinidad & Tobago arrangers?

Can Andy crack the the top 1000 all time greatest pan players out of Trinidad and Tobago?

Does any of Andy compositions rank in the top 100 from T&T?

Are you saying Greenidge and Philmore have not more for exposing Pan globally than Pan Trinbago and the Trinidad Tourist board?

Remember, you said,  "If Andy was black, I doubt we would be having this discussion". Not me.

So Martin, you think you could tell Claude Gonzales, to bench Stephen Curry for Bob Cousy because he brings the total pack age to table and was a better ambassador. And he, Cousy is a humble fella, unlike Trump, tells the truth and always gives credit to who it rightfully belong to. You Madd!

Next you will be telling Cecil that Dexter Poindexter was a great Calypsonian that did more for the genre than the "loaner" Kawhi Leonard did for his Raptors.


Bugs, I think you are losing your marbles or with age comes your crazy pointers.

We are discussing Andy and music, not basketball. For your first point. Andy is not Trinidadian and therefore that nullifies the other questions. Andy’s Music has been played more overseas than any other Pan arranger.

That being said, it could be a result of the times and the inclusion of technology and playing platforms. If you are in doubt, just google any pan arranger in Trinidad and compare numbers when you google Andy Narell. It is a 3 to one ratio in Andy’s favor.

Andy’s arrangements were not appreciated by the pan purist, who felt it was not in the vain of carnival, however, it has been adopted as the standard for pan music in many American; United Kingdom; Denmark; Germany; Japanese and Korean schools.

The only other pan arranger to hold that prize was Ken Professor Philmore.

One of the strategies ANDY NARELL used (consciously or unconsciously -- but I would guess consciously) was always surrounding himself with QUALITY MUSICIANS ...so he could keep learning from them. (I think I saw a quote from him where he said that it was when he got out of UC BERKELEY that he really started to learn music.) Of course, he was always fortunate with TIME and PLACE -- but that is the LUCK OF THE DRAW IN LIFE ... you could only design that so far.

I would still like to see him do a composition that is more CENTER RIGHT CALYPSO. Hell, not just him alone. Anyone of those NEW YORK BASED players like FREDDY HARRIS III or KENDALL WILLIAMS have an OPEN DOOR to a CENTER RIGHT CALYPSO COMPOSITION blended with some JAZZ and R&B.

I have been waiting for that piece of music FOR DECADES and I think that THE WORLD is ALSO WAITING.

bugs: Meh father always used to tell me THAT THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING!!!

Bugs you surprise me with yuh comment, you could use the same question for Boogsie, Ray, Robert. Andy has produce a lot of music and took the instrument far and wide  always sharing his knowledge, that to me is doing something for pan. As for any one that don't like his music, not everybody like Trump.


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