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As a Trinidadian, I am officially, on behalf of all Trinis, disowning Dr Conrad Murray. Like the Mighty Sparrow, he was born in Grenada and raised in Trinidad.

Since the Grenadians like to claim Sparrow, they can have that quack Dr Conrad Murray also.
(And BTW, I have nothing against Grenadians, since my father was one)

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Okay. As tragic as it may be, Michael is dead, Dr. Murray has been found guilty (and most likely will appeal the conviction). Let's get back to the issues facing the pan community--in T&T, NY, DC, etc.
OK, just admit it - you blew this one. No body thinks the disowning comment was funny.
What makes Dr. Conrad Murray a quack? If, as alleged, he had given this propofol to joe Blow, would he still be a quack? Why should the name Michael jackson be the decision maker here?
Patrick Dr Murray is "D Fall Guy" too bad Johnnie Cochran was'nt around to defend him.
When the young lady won that fashion thing the other day we all felt good, now we have to feel sad for our brother. I think someone should tell him not to bend over in the shower. Maybe when he get out of prison he could go back to Trinidad and run Pan Trinbago. LMAO!
Who are you all to judge? God, Michael and Dr. Murray alone know what happened. As far as I'm concern He was judged to cover the dignity of the celebrity."As the saying goes if yuh wasn't dey your name  eh go call". Please Trini's stop condemning.

The real truth about the factors leading up to Michael's death are likely to be quite different from what was presented and litigated. In a court of law. Legal posturing to influence the jury may assume so many different forms, and the prosecution may include crafty lawyers who prep witnesses to use language that is intended to make the mildest of "wrongs" seem to be the most despicable acts ever performed.

While there is no denying that Michael's death was attrituable to drugs that were at times administered by Dr. Murray, it may be unwise to accept as fact all the allegations that characterize Murray as a greedy, money-loving doctor who violated the standard of care in so many ways to earn $150,000.00 per month.

Human beings will always make mistakes, and those who are given the worldwide press coverage as Dr. Murray's can be more easily condemned and disowned. There may still be room for sympathy. Dr. Murray may well be a fall guy in a culture riddled with demanding VIP's, twisting every item to support their habit.  

I will hesitate to support you in disowning Dr. Murray based upon what has been highlighted on TV. The real truth may still be unknown.


An objective and sympathetic impartial observer.





Glenroy dem Trini go Buss yuh head boy, like yuh forget, we have big thief, homosexuals, smart-men just like any other country, we have to stick together because " all ah we is one family"

Thanks for a good laugh about the disowning. I never thought you were serious.

On another note, I  believe that the only two people who really know what went on that night are Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray. One cannot talk, he's dead, the other isn't talking, he is keeping the secret. Everything else is a story we are composing about the event, nothing more. What Dr Murray did is his to correct? in the spiral of life as I understand it. All I can do is mourn the death of the brilliant soul Michael Jackson, and pray that Dr Murray can make peace with his choices.

I'm sorry, but I've made even more tasteless jokes in my time on the street corner, in the Army etc. etc.

I still think its funny, and some of the over reactions are even funnier, though I hope no one busts a blood vessel over it.!

Listen guy, don't put Trinidad or Grenada in that. It is a sad day for Dr Murray his family and friends.First i will ask, are you speaking for yourself or WST?. You does a good job bringing us good musical history, please stay on that. It was not a good thing to read your opinion.

First thing in the morning.I believe If there is a demonstration out there to hang him, you will be one of the first to raise your rag and your flag. If you are working for WST you should be fired. I don't think you are from where some of the smart Trini"s came from.Let me ask you, what would you say of the Dr's that was trying to make MJ, look like them some of the drugs he took helped  put him in that state, Dr Murray just ended up holding the end of the tube.It was a terrible mistake.

So back to you.

This is an open forum>.

I have no connection whatsoever to WST, and I reserve the right to say whatever I wish as long as I am not abusive or obscene


Furthermore, WST has the option to censor anything I post at any time.


You all may not have noticed, but I'm a free thinking individual, and I revel in the right of free speech.


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