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As a Trinidadian, I am officially, on behalf of all Trinis, disowning Dr Conrad Murray. Like the Mighty Sparrow, he was born in Grenada and raised in Trinidad.

Since the Grenadians like to claim Sparrow, they can have that quack Dr Conrad Murray also.
(And BTW, I have nothing against Grenadians, since my father was one)

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Glen the people really angry they want yuh to get fired, ah tell yuh doh make no bad joke on D forum, any how cerfew over leh all ah we take ah drink and lighten up.lol  he----he---he.  . 

Actually, Cecil, I can't be fired;I'm retired!

Plus, I'm taking it all in good fun :)

Glen, I leave you for two minutes and look at trouble you get yourself in.LOL...  I recommend that you serve as much time in WST purgatory as Lindsey Lohan.  Everybody gets licks for something sooner or later on WST.  Yours is well deserved. Ha Ha!

Anyway after your wounds heal can you post a copy of Bradley's arrangements bands outside of Desperadoes?



Thanks for the licks, Bugs.At least you didn't bring back "The Bull".:)

See what I can do about the Bradley thing.

Be Humane. We don't have to kick the man when he is down.
To be working for the King of Pop was a great honor. Dr Murray made it to the top but made too many bad decisions. I'm still proud of him.

Wow! I am now seeing this. Guys, Glen was making a joke! Anyone who knows the guy will know it was typical 'rumshop talk' - not the kind of thing you take seriously at all.


But, someone was right; it is very easy to get jumped on in here


(let me sit back and see who is the 1st to jump at DJ now......)

DJ nobody aint go jump U, if they jump the "DJ" party done and nobody aint want that. LMAO!

Give DJ licks too.  DJ is a longtime WST "trouble-maker" who refuses to accept the panorama results of 1985... 



Will there be an All Stars repeat this year - Mr. DJ?



Most Trinis have "small island" roots as do I...  Dr. Conrad Murray maybe found guilty, but he's also a scapegoat for many other ills that plagued MJ including his own...  MJ will live on in his music and artistry for a long, long time...  Thank God!!!

Michael died a long time ago, from the time he decided to make himself white he died, lost in a world of excess, talk about dead man walking. I respected him though because he showed the world that if a black man have enough money what he would do, make himself white, there are other rich black men out there who would like to do the same thing but they don't have the BALLS like Michael.

Please folks. Stop this senseless argument. Peace, in the name of Pan.


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