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Do any schools in Trinbago offer students academic credits for playing pan?

Last weekend my husband and I went to Conway, New Hampshire for the New England Pan Festival. It was interesting seeing many youths from age 8 to elders age 80 having a super time playing the steel drum. Many of them were excited to tell us how they got involved in playing pan, and how many times they visited Trinidad for the panorama. However, what got my attention was the fact that middle school students have the opportunity to get college credits for enrolling in after school programs geared toward learning to play the steel drum. Does anyone know if any such programs are offered in the land of  the steel drum?

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Nothing similar to my knowledge. The universities have Certificate and Degree programmes though. There is a vocational certificate for pan building as well

UWI Cert in Pan

It is wise for the powers that be in the Mecca to understand whats happening with our National Instrument in the outside world and expose nationals to the same so the we won't be left back "wid we own ting"

PAN in America and PAN in Trinidad are two distinctly different entities.

Hi,   from which band did you find this information, do you have any names or more information sounds hard to believe?


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