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Another question for the forum.

( Hate doing it guys , but we have to think on these things.)

On many occasions I've seen calls for a separate "Ministry of Steelpan". (more government involvement in the art-form)

On the surface , this may sound like a great idea . but let's consider it.
We already have a "Ministry of Culture".

Though there are other aspects to our culture , especially because of our ethnic diversity, we should all be able to agree that the two main elements of our culture are the steelband (pan ) and calypso/soca.
Therefore , they should be the main focus of any ministry dealing with culture.

My question is this.

Why should we think that creating another ( costly ) government bureaucracy would advantage the growth and development of steelpan culture in T&T in any way ?

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What everyone seems to be missing is this.

Its all about money.

At this time , I believe the government decides how much money to spend on pan , and so far they let Pan Trinbago manage it.

But I think  that's all the money in the pot , with or without Pan Trinbago.

So what reason does anyone have to think that the government will be willing to spend the extra funding it will take to set up and staff an entirely new ministry ?

We keep fantasizing about Pan as a viable economic industry.  Maybe, that's a good thing.

But here is REALITY.  Any such industry must require huge financial investments and solid human resource infrastructure.

There is no denying the potential of Pan. But it will take much more than a "Ministry of Pan???"


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