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I am really curious about that commentary!!!

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The Judges did well...

I enjoyed the panorama still an congratulations to Despers .I did not play because I am on are ship playing but I was jumping when phase11 was playing but again Congratulations to Despers

Good job Desperadoes and Carlton Zanda!!! Hope the alliance works out well. Carlton is an extremely creative musician and we all know Despers can make it happen. All the best!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Madd Music, amazing!!!

Best judging in years. What do ALL Stars fans have to say?

Leave We Alone.

"Dethroned but never defeated."

The hills are alive with jubilation! Oh my Laventille  we have always been comforted by the sounds of Despers' music but we have been anticipating how long for this victory? Now that it has come it is truly overwhelming. The Joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces attest to this.  Congratulations Crew. Thank you. Blessed Love to all.

I am a fan of all the arrangers (Boogsie included). Boogsie's arrangement of 'Madd Music' was one of my favorites. As I stood listening to Phase II, I was amazed by the arrangement's simplicity, yet complexity (oxymoron). What I like most about Boogsie, is his willingness to try different things, even after being victorious, while others stick to a formula, even in defeat. I thoroughly enjoyed Phase II in 2016.....as I did the other Steel Orchestras. Like him or not, when it comes to arranging steelband music.....Boogsie is a genius.

I'd really like to know what the "difference things" were. I was there and found it run of the mill and quite predictive.
This is the same arranger who produced, in my view, his best in a decade - with different things - namely Jump High in 2014.

Compare "More Love" of 2013 (which won) to "Jump High" a year later (which also won).

I have and, like I said, in my view "Jump High" was tops for me. As a matter of fact of his defacto "tripple" More Love, Jump High and Happiness, it reigns as the best.

It's such a precipitous drop in standard and style in this year's arrangement and peforrmance of "Madd Music" to warrant 283 Marks. Even 280 would have been too high......


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