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Found these pictures in a childrens book while doing a school assignment with my kids regarding Trinidad. Can anyone identify the players? Just curious to know who they are.

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eddie hart, dinko , bandit and other look like stumbo
Its funny I was telling my wife the more I look at the picture one of the guys look like Eddie Hart. What year was that? I am looking for the book as usual I put it way so good I can't even find it.
@ innocent thanks for the reply.
you're right about Eddie Hart, but the guy on his left is Dennis (tempo) and on tempo's left with the afro is Earl (bandit)
Why are all these ghosts --faceless beings -- communicating?
Are you guys wanted for a crime? :-)
I looking at the pic and say the same thing......"Dat lookin like Eddie Hart"....lol
Hi Andy,
The guy with the cowbell and red hat is Eddie Hart one in the middle is Dennis (tempo) Saldenah and the guy with the big afro is Earl (bandit) Brooks. .....GREAT GUYS!!!
Thanks a bunch for responding. The first time I saw the pictures I wondered if the people in the picture knew it exist. Again thanks for the tremendous response. A deep and sincere thanks to WST for providing this forum. If posssible can anyone share the year of photo or tune of choice the band played that year.
how come i cant see the picture of the guys
The Pictures


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