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Do you remember this slogan (PAN IS BEAUTIFUL)? Is Pan still beautiful or will the BIG 5 (ISF) give Pan a needed facelift to Charm the world again?

Not long ago I remember this slogan Pan is Beautiful, But in recent times things has change dramatically. Pantrinbago in debt, players not getting paid, So to right the ship, up comes the New Visionaries, CIP, UPPM, Gregory Lindsay, Aquil and others to steer the ship to safety and put Pan on firm ground. Pan has raised its ugly head in the Mecca of Pan, even on the forum a few members have no respect for the opinions of some members, I taught we were all on the same page where Pan is concern. maybe it is possible for the BIG 5 (ISF) to give Pan the facelift it needs to make pan beautiful again. this is a line from Cro Cro Calyso posted below and I quote ( Way Pan reach ) posted below before I am accused of PLAGIARISM or one of many COPELAND on this forum.

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JJJ, I've said it before, they don't know what to do with the steelband.

CH, I know that and U and Mi Amigo, knows that, dat is Y I've got the both of your back's covered till doom's day but, the others on the forum wow, they always want to save something, save the whales, save those snail, save those trees, save the planet, and now prepare for global warming, and the most arrogant of all is that, music in foreign is better than dat in T&T the mecca of pan, pan derived in T&T where T&T IS THE MOTHER OF PAN AND, NOWHERE ELSE CAN BE AS GOOD AS, never gonna happen, so CH and Mi Amigo, tell the world that Anthony Williams and his "Protege" Leslie Michael Jordan SAID SO, and they can put that in there pipe and smoke it...


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