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Does anyone have anything positive to say about WIADCA?

I've been monitoring the post by many of the young New York pan players on facebook. It is amazing that one organization can do so much to destroy the morale of our youth. If WIADCA's sponsors ever see these post they will never get another cent from them.

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Bugs, it is time for the USSA to distant itself from WIADCA.

It's time for the membership of USSA to move forward with the production of high quality Panorama DVDs with support from Panorama sponsors.  Historically, the New York Panorama has been the best attended Labor Day event at the Brooklyn Museum Grounds.  USSA should use this to their advantage.along with a list of additional benefits to gain the support of sponsors. 

9 hours ago a question was put forward - its obvious by the respons

Urban Pan,don't be disheartened  this happens when people feel helpless, the fight must go on.

What good can be said about an organisation which is supposed to promote the culture but instead is constantly trying to destroy it.Brooklyn's Panorama which has always been the biggest function for Labor Day should be boycotted to show those dogs that positive change is needed and the pan fraternity is willing to go to any lengths to achieve it.

So are the younger players going to boycott next year's panorama? Saw on facebook that there are a few calls for that.


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