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Does Arrangers have their own Musical Styles or Recycling Music?

Does Arrangers have their own Musical Styles or Recycling Music? I would say Both. Even tho' I was not pleased with the 2015 Results I will not condemn the Arrangers for sounding the same as their years before. All Arrangers recycle their Music and all Arrangers have their own Style.

In Ellie Mannette  days with Invaders you will know its invaders, All Stars with Neville Jules you know its All Stars, West Side Symphony with "Rock" Johnson you know its West side, Panam North Stars with Anthony Williams you know its North Stars, City Symphony with "Michigan" you know its City symphony, Guinness Cavaliers with Bobby you know it Guinness, Renegades with "Jitt" Samaroo you know it Renegades. 

It's the same way with nowadays Arrangers, If Smooth or Boogsie arrange for another band you will be able to tell their arrangement, so that's their Style of arranging. This year I was not Touched by their Music, I did not feel it in my Bones, which I usually do.

Who Do I think should of won? Renegades or Exodus, I think Renegades music was exciting, I felt it in my Bones but I think Musically Exodus was superior to all. I would give 3rd place to either All Stars-Fonclaire or Silver Stars. Phase2 would be in 5th or 6th position. (Just my Opinion) 

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Musical phase 2 my opinion

Bede, I find it extremely difficult to get the excitement listening to Steelbands over the internet, far less to pick a winner.

I agree with you Bede....Fonclaire got robbed ( again ) and Phase II did absolutely nothing for me. Renegades and Exodus music was "fresh" and exciting. But as they say, the judges decision is final. Oh well, guess we have to wait till next year again.

I agree listening over the internet cannot take the place of being in the savannah. I like All Stars, but from what I heard,. Fonclaire was better musically.

I think though they all need to work on their tone. This is the only area where All Stars excelled.
Just my opinion.
Mr Lopez in my opinion there is nothing wrong with arrangers having there own styling , what I do not like is when arrangers use different part of genre music into there arrangement to me that show a lack of creativity. Arrangers should take a composition and make it there own , and that is what we do not have to day , there should be no recycling and the same shit all the time as for Panorama and judging the whole thing need to have a overhaul always remember creativity is what makes u stand out from the rest
Arrangers are running out of new ideas . It's been there done that, so they recycle . Unless the judging criteria changes and they stop looking for this bam bam bambabam type of arrangements instead of looking for creativity , we will be in for lots of recycled music in the future .

Bradley once said it's the same notes in the scale so we must not be surprised if we hear music that appear to be recycled.


It's nice to hear that you mentioned the first steelband that I knew and grew up with City Symphony.

I remember them leaving base on Tuesday morning with their sailor presentation

All Stars was  very exciting and Phase 2 was very memorable i.e they executed  music arranged by a very matured arranger who does it cleverly enough so that anyone can relate to or remember the parts/arranged yet still retaining the Phase 2 identity---as I heard them live on the drag!! I also think their was a mix up with the placement of Renegades and Exodus.

Fitzy  T. Spencer. We May also know each other I am Val, Glendon Young Brother. I knew The Tailor Shop. Was it Spade. What about the Coffee Shop? The  Tailor Shop at the Bottom close to the Lodge entrance where Stretch used to Sew. There was Aggie - There was Monkey,  Claudie Brother.  The Saint.  Fat Head Bede, Apada - His Brothers K Foot and Mikey Mills - Teddy Mice etc... etc. etc. You should Know Me.

Valentine yes from all the things you are saying brings fond memory of those days,Aggie always had a smile on his face and yes I know stretch, the Saint, Teddy mice as a matter of fact I am one of Spades son, so we must know each other, it's really lovely to reconnect like this. 

Yes I know who You are, also You Dad. The Shop was at the Dead End of the  of the Pavement on Piccadilly Street. It used to be a Coffee Shop Before. I think it was called La Trinity. Bede might remember the Name.


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