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Does Arrangers have their own Musical Styles or Recycling Music?

Does Arrangers have their own Musical Styles or Recycling Music? I would say Both. Even tho' I was not pleased with the 2015 Results I will not condemn the Arrangers for sounding the same as their years before. All Arrangers recycle their Music and all Arrangers have their own Style.

In Ellie Mannette  days with Invaders you will know its invaders, All Stars with Neville Jules you know its All Stars, West Side Symphony with "Rock" Johnson you know its West side, Panam North Stars with Anthony Williams you know its North Stars, City Symphony with "Michigan" you know its City symphony, Guinness Cavaliers with Bobby you know it Guinness, Renegades with "Jitt" Samaroo you know it Renegades. 

It's the same way with nowadays Arrangers, If Smooth or Boogsie arrange for another band you will be able to tell their arrangement, so that's their Style of arranging. This year I was not Touched by their Music, I did not feel it in my Bones, which I usually do.

Who Do I think should of won? Renegades or Exodus, I think Renegades music was exciting, I felt it in my Bones but I think Musically Exodus was superior to all. I would give 3rd place to either All Stars-Fonclaire or Silver Stars. Phase2 would be in 5th or 6th position. (Just my Opinion) 

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Valentine Young, Didn't Allwyn  Mills and them used to live somewhere inside that Dead End?

Everyone on St. Paul's st. knew Valentine Young . The Force was with you . Did you know a family by the name of Leach? One of the sons was a Police Superintendent . He lives in the US now .

Winston, wasn't Leach a runner also?

Yes Winston.  I Know Him. His Name is Rudolph Leach.

His brother Lance and sister Norma are my friends living in Torono also . I think his first name is Rudolph and he lives in Brooklyn.

Bede. They used to Live on Lodge Place. Make A left on Piccadilly Street before reaching St. Paul Street. The Mills Brothers and Sisters.  Kelvin ''aka'' K foot - Mills - Aldwin Mills - Junior Mills - Katie Mills  - Vaughn ''aka'' Apada Mills - Mickey Mills and Sherma Mills.

His old man was a drinker . Rudolph and his siblings all came out great . Good people . Their names are Lance, Norma, Marian , the three of them live here .


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