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I've just watched a video of Rising Stars Steel Orchestra and was impressed with their pan racks, I think this band is from the Virgin Islands, they put all Trini steelbands to shame, they have double decker pan racks which I found so kool.  As Trini people sleep the rest of the world will take everything about the pan and run with it.

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Those racks are real nice and they've had them for a long time now.

Yes I was really surprised to see not  only the double decker stands but the amount, and the entire band looked good, and Trinidad should be ashamed we just sitting on a real good thing,Iwould hate to see what happened to west indies cricket happen to our pan.



Here is another look at the racks in action.

Good morning, all, from the Virgin Islands. Double decker racks are the norm here; we call them trolleys. Our Love City Pan Dragons trolley (24 ft. long) holds about 25 players; you can see ours in St John and St Thomas parades in some of our YouTube videos (www.pandragons.org, or just search from YouTube).

Rising Stars' triple-trolley setup is indeed the largest. A wall of sound.

One advantage on the road besides the obvious efficiency is that since the players are not so spread out, they can hear one another better.

All of the innovations for steelband mobility in Trinidad happened in the 1960's when the focus was on getting the bands on the road for Carnival.

Once the focus became the Panorama stage all new ideas for improving mobility and road performance (including amplification) stopped

I like that you always on the button....Panorama is the death of steelpan in Trinidad...they all complaining about DJ's take over...LOL.....we ppl is also the death.... they run thru Hilanders and mash up the amplifier....now the same amplification run all of them off the road for Carnival

Kind of blows my mind that some West Indians and Trinidadians have just now noticed the double racks of the St. Thomas Rising Stars Steel Orchestra as they have been around for the past 20 years or so.  Rising Stars just celebrated their 30 year anniversary two years ago. The sound of this band on the narrow streets of St. Thomas, especially between the buildings in downtown is incredible.

It,s all about WST, John. I maintain that this forum is the most impactful thing that has happened to promotion of the steelband in this century.

It is the main factor in the spreading and sharing of steelpan information and culture.

And also, Trinidadians lost interest in "pan on the Road", and stopped innovating, so innovations will have to come from elsewhere, and I'm happy to see others picking up the slack.

So when I really want to experience "Pan on the Road", I know where to go :).

And do not underestimate the traditional Carnival culture of the US Virgin Islands. Even back in the sixties and seventies, there was a rich calypso and carnival culture in the Virgin Islands with their own distinct calypso beat.

As a matter of fact, modern soca music is very similar to Virgil Islands calypso of decades ago.

Hi Glenroy, back in the late 1960s or early 1970s, "Nutrine Play boys" introduced the double rack.   Their six bases were  on double rack. 


My point exactky, Robert.

By the 1970's , all Trinidad progress in pan mobility had ceased.

The article via the link below shows how a truly concerned government (VI Superior Court) with active community support can positively impact the lives of 10 to 18 year olds through PAN and music theory. Most high schools here have a steel orchestra.  

Come enjoy VI Carnival that combines and respects the historic with the new. String bands, brass bands, steel orchestras and "big truck" audio systems are featured; even an evening time slot for the "senior" age group to "chip" along to live steelband music.

T&T will always be regarded as PAN mecca but innovations are happening elsewhere, as more and more youth worldwide "beat PAN". 



Terry, I hope you know I'm serious :)

And congratulations to the youth of Rising Stars Steel Orchestra and to those responsible for the accomplishments of this worthwhile youth program.

You make us pan people proud.


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