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I've just watched a video of Rising Stars Steel Orchestra and was impressed with their pan racks, I think this band is from the Virgin Islands, they put all Trini steelbands to shame, they have double decker pan racks which I found so kool.  As Trini people sleep the rest of the world will take everything about the pan and run with it.

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Bertel, don't be fooled it's the food and Carib they like, yuh could get sweet pan any part of the world now.

You are correct Cecil, any part of the world the T&T Panorama Champions Tour, Whoever they are.

Bertel, It's all in the design, you tell a Structural Engineer you want a double decker rack for T&T I bet he come up with one. If you look closely at Rising Stars rack the first floor is almost on the ground that's why they could have two floors. The racks that I saw in T&T they are high off the ground and too long,  this is why they have problems going around a corner. I am sure that no engineering went into there construction, wasted time and money I'm sure we could do better. 

Cecil, TOO HIGH OF D GROUND, you got to be Kidding me! It is as low as it could be, ALL floats in TRINI for the road have to be designed and license according to spects. They MUST be a certain hight, etc, etc. THEY CANT GO ON THE ROADS JUST SO! We have our rules here, and besides, to me this is not as important as the instruments that we so LOVE the Steel Pan! As I said before, Let them come to Trini or We go to them with Pan around WE NECKS, and JAM for JAM Cecil, Who do you think will win???????

Why Phase II have so much problems navigating a 90 degree turn? it's because ah "blacksmith" design their rack..lol

Gone are the days when we could  hide behind we could play better than them, foreign  steelbands are showing us innovation,  Trini  have to step-up.

Innovation IN PAN? Or Racks? Did you ever see people chipping to racks? The invitation is still open to anyone to bring there Double Decker. By the way it was a Tailor that built racks for the Panorama Champs.LOL.

Bertel, U R ah Trini To The Bone, you stand up for your country,  nuff respect.

Thanks Cecil, We are ALL Trini to D bone here on WST and it is SO refreshing to have Pan conversations with the Pan People here on this Forum. Thank you WST!

Bertel, we don't want to be like some Americans who insist America is best at everything , even though statistically the US is falling behind many other industrial countries in key areas such as education, health, life expectancy etc.

I hope that is not the case (being Trini to de bone), but I fear that one day we may wake up and find that innovations and advancement in the steelband is happening not in T&T, but elsewhere. After all, we know that there are skilled and dedicated pan people all over the world.

Fortunately for Trinidadians, we have a lot of advantages : history, a wealth of knowledge, skilled pan people, a populace that knows (or should know) and understands the steelband culture, and a climate that allows for year round outdoor steelband activity. 

So, this sort of decline may not yet be occurring, but as time passes, who knows?

Glenroy, ALL our brilliant Pan minds are All over the world spreading the culture of Pan and the Flag of T&T, as far as I am concerned this is what ALL Super Powers do. WE are Taking this Pan thing to the WORLD,you might not like how it is done and by whom, but it's the least we can do to be The Pan Super Power. And make no bones about it, you Glenroy, do your part also on this Forum just as all the Members here on WST. PAN is here to stay and who do you think invented it? THEY CAN'T CHANGE THAT!!!!!!  So fear not.

Please inform us of the innovations from the Foreign Steel Bands for I am not aware of any. Every thing re Steelband worldwide is based on how it is done here in Trinidad and the Tutors who took Pan to the World were Trinis from way back so to portray us as being left behind is unkind and without merit . No matter what the design of the Pan Rack may be it is the quality of the Music that's Primary and we could take on the entire World when it comes to that. Thanks Bertel for yer Preach. "Yer ever see people chipping to racks?"

It's true you cannot chip to racks but it surely is a better way to move your steelband. Inventing a pan Rack, Stand, Carrying Case have nothing to with the sound but is needed to carry and enable one to play the pan, those that come up with better ideas are innovative, that's just my opinion.

Bye the way the Double Deaker Rack is innovative, and it was done by a foreign steelband.


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