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Dr. Pat Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago has passed

When Steel Talks extends condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the great Dr. Pat Bishop.  She was a true champion of the steelpan instrument, its music and of culture in general.  Dr. Bishop passed away on Saturday August 20 after collapsing at a high-level meeting of her peers in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, convened with the aim of furthering the country’s culture.

Many are sharing their thoughts, memories and knowledge of this irreplaceable individual and historic cultural activist in the realm of the steelband art form, and overall culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

Take the opportunity to leave words of your own, and consider and draw from those of others - all in the When Steel Talks Network forum.

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Deeply saddened by this loss to the steelband community and also the Lydian Singers.I know she will be sadly missed by The Exodus and Desperadoes steel orchestras especially as well as all other bands with which she done so much work. My condolences are also extended to Gillian. RIP. 

As a member of WST, I would like to express my condolences to the Bishop family

on her passing. May she RIP.


My condolences to the family of Dr Bishop and the Lydian Singers, she is now gone but will never be forgotten, her love for our culture, steelband and music, will continue to live on in all of us, she will now be making sweet songs, coming down on the night shift, where she will still be conducting music with those that went before her, the only difference is that she will now be singing along with the Angels, she will continue to live in our heart, our prayer and our music, go in peace lady Bishop and take your place along with the Angels.
Playing pan with Exodus allowed me to get to know Dr. Pat Bishop.  Once you've worked with her, her legacy lives in you.  All of us who have played with Exodus will always know how to "roll" the notes.  A genuine icon in this country.  I remember doing an interview with her, getting to know her at her home, and her contributions in the music culture...She will be missed, but will never be forgotten.  When we sing or play pan, her impact is alive!


Dr. Pat Bishop was one of our Icons of music. She was dedicated to the betterment of our musical culture be it classic, steelband or  calypso. She was one of a kind. She took our pan music to a level where only angels dwell, and as she once said about the late Legendary Clive Bradley. She betrode the musical world like a Colossus. Dr. Bishop would be greatly missed by us all. This sudden departure has left a void in our music and in our hearts. We will always remember seeing her standindg as a musical maestro conducting some of our great steel bands be it Witco Despers or Sagicor Exodus. I hope the Govt. of T&T honor her to the highest of adulation and thanks. She served us well, and now is the time she has to leave us, and join the other great Nationals that served our beloved T&T with their God given talents. Where ever she is right now, 'May the Blessings of our Creator Amighty God be with her. Thanks for everything Dr. Pat Bishop. 'May you rest in peace' Condolenses the all her family - relatives. We will all miss her..

Adding our condolences from the Virgin Islands: the Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra and our arranger, lifelong Desperado and close friend of Pat Bishop, Samuel Lawrence. Her colossal contributions to the advancement of steel pan music will live on in the hearts and hands of all who hear and all who play.
I got to know Dr. Bishop in the Exodus yard, and was lucky to be positioned right next to her during her nightly drilling of Exodus in '04 (a championship year). Every night she would come in and belt out "Good night, Exodus," and it would practically shake me out of my shoes. I learned a few important things from her drilling, and found the similarities between her drilling of the band similar to choral techniques. Her wry sense of humor was always on display, and watching her work was a joy. When she learned that I had a classical background as well, we became acquainted and would see each other again a few more times over the years. She was a great resource for the steel band community, and she will be missed.
I am at a loss for words, it being very difficult to fit Pat's contributions to the steel bands and steelband music in general into such a small space. I have been privileged over the years to be an acquaintance, and this I treasured immensely. Many are those who are mourning this quintessential musicologist right now and who will continue to speak her talented name in much the same way as they have of Clive Bradley, Bach, Beethoven and others. Pat stood up unwaveringly for respect to be given to the pan and to panmen. Even in times of illness, she would not miss a beat when registering her feelings on the state of the steelband in our country, knocking they whoever deserved to be knocked in her opinion, and stating quite clearly and without hesitation..."I don't care... they can't do me nothing"... Rest In Peace dear friend, helper, teacher par excellence, loyalist and down-to-earth personality. May the angels escort you deservedly to that place which the almighty has reserved for you, and may you continue to make great music with those who have gone there before you.
My deepest , heartfelt sympathies tuh all ah Pats Family . Friends an Well Wisherrs . .She is now an Ancestor  . . ah Full Spirit Being . . one who has completed ah very successful incarnashun . . Gentle  , Jolly but firm an always demanding her an your best . . an mostly if not always . .achievin it 2 . . . Thank U Pat . . de Spirit World is celebratin your arrival  . .as we celebrate the memories of all de great tings U did 4 an wid us . . . Luv ya always . .

The Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra of Grenada joins the rest of the global steelpan community in mourning this great lost. Our condolences goes out to her family and to all other music lovers.

May she rest in peace.

Pan Canada extends condolences to Pat Bishop's family and friends. We sincerely and truly appreciate the contributions she has made to the art form. Like the great one, Clive Bradley, her standing and stature in our community will be ir-replaceable. We give thanks.


God Bless!

Pat Bishop a wonderful and beautifully gifted musician, gone, but will certainly not be forgotten.  I will miss her great operatic presentations with the Lydians.  Those were all great memories.  She was the first to fuse steelband and the Opera, and there would never be another one like her.  Deepest sympathies to her family, the Lydians with Steel, Desperadoes and all the other bands that she worked with.


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