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In the air for Love
Duvone finds his voice at last 
So Renegades picks up a huge Victory

WST Panorama Special

Trust Renegades.

Context matters.

The Charlotte Street band had such a mammoth mission, one that took a hell of a lot of preparation in the dewy nights, that it may have seemed like a never-ending objective; like a dream in a house of horrors with endless rooms.

What came true, though, was the way the band lit up the stage not only with hellish flames but also a nifty reintroduction of Aaron "Voice" St Louis’ ‘Year for Love.’ Music well structured, it was an honest interpretation of Voice’s song.

Duvone Stewart with Rengades
Renegades Steel Orchestra at the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama Semi Finals 
- photo: Robbie Joseph

Arranger Duvone Stewart finally shed the shadow of Jit Samaroo, whom he adored and cherished. Today, he claims the band’s eloquent and new-found creativity and fame all his own.

I know Duvone. We had spoken about this Panorama night six years ago. And he believed. I’ll wager Duvone is celebrating victory with every one of his players, pan sticks in their pockets or the will of steel in their head.

One of the best Panorama event, period.

The band shuffled around moods with ease, defying Savannah Party norms in their smorgasbord of interesting material and diverse musical styles.

It was like Black Stalin channelling Lord Nelson channelling a hymn book in Voice’s living room with Duvone at the mixing console.

They set a singalong pace.

Fire go bun you.

All ah we is one family.

What yuh fighting for?

Uniformed in brilliant orange and red colors like that of flames of passion—panists and engine room percussionists alike—the band offset these effects with balloons and streamers, enshrining the moment as a golden opportunity to give peace a chance.

Renegades Steel Orchestra at the 2018 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama Semi Finals 
- photo: Robbie Joseph

Congratulations from the heart, Manager Michael Marcano. Big up to those steely musicians who resolved to make it happen. God is great. Voice andRenegades are twinned at the soul. It was fated. One of the best Pan festivals ever.

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Mercer: Yuh is ah man who been around PAN and PANORAMA in New York and Trinidad and Toronto and all kind place. So I have a serious question for you.

Real Serious!!!

What does CLASSICAL MUSIC have to do with CALYPSO and PAN and PANORAMA?

Claude....what is "classical music"?

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Nessun Dorma ~ Best Steel Pan Cover

Nessun Dorma from Puccini's opera Turandot. Arranged by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe for The Skiffle Bunch. Live at Queens Park Savannah Feb. 2000. Video featuring Peter Minshell's Tan Tan & Saga Boy with other Calypsonian characters.

Video © Steeldrum Trust


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