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Informed sources are reporting that pan tuners and steelband leaders across the mecca have been showering praises on Pan Trinbago's new management of the drum factory. High quality drums are now available for the first time on demand, and off the shelf locally. Some sources are also reporting a sharp decline in the need to import North American drums as a result of competitive cost, and superior quality of the drums produced locally. 

This is good news, as the demand for high quality drums for the production of steel pans have always exceeded the supply.  In recent times techniques have evolved, technology now drives production, and the demand for consistency in raw material. Pan Trinbago's decision to prioritize this scope of its remit is admirable.

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Cecil Hinkson: I always thought that is was about SUPPLY and DEMAND!!!

Hey, allyuh put out ah nice little series up in WESTERN CANADA there called INTELLIGENCE -- ah just watch it on NETFLIX.

You should look at it since one of the subtexts is that SUPPLY and DEMAND challenge in running a business -- LEGAL or ILLEGAL!!!

No more BASKETBALL TROPHIES for dem RAFTERS, boy, Leonard gone!!!

I believe that there are hundreds of metrics that can be used to score Supply Chain Management performance. In this context I chose not to describe supply in the subject in a deliberate attempt to group that metric with the raw materials used in the production of the commodity we may be most interested in on this forum, which is drums. Supply therefore in the context which I described is what  drives production, and given the glut in steel on the world market, the supply of raw materials should be readily, and competitively available on demand. Steelpans have lifespans which varies depending on quality, usage and care. There will always be a demand for drums, and production which defines supply, relative to existing demand is where the efficiency of the management of Pan Trinbago's facility will be measured.   

I believe they still have to import the steel, so everything depends on the availability.

You are correct sir, no steel is produced locally anymore, and the downstream industries that continue to operate, quite likely utilizes imported billets or rod as their raw material. As I suggested, the glut in steel that exists in the global marketplace, should allow their procurement process much latitude in its ability to acquire the best quality sheets at the most competitive price though.

The video posted by Russel Providence here is informative and thank you. I do hope the workers wear hearing protection around all the machinery (not seen in the video though)...so they don't lose their ability to enjoy the sweet music that will come from these drums....turned and tuned into pans!

Excellent observation sir. let's hope that the management of that facility, quite likely comprising of principals whom I suspect may have no previous industrial experience, take note, and most importantly, action, as one of the objectives of this discussion, is to communicate the sentiments of the shareholders, we, bonafide, lifetime members of the steelband fraternity. 

"Pan tuners and steelband leaders across the mecca have been showering praises on Pan Trinbago's new management of the drum factory."

Scrunter Pan Groove - Overjoyed

Pan Down Memory Lane 2010

nice topic here Russell...

I know that the new administration opened back up the factory.....great video as well..

Question...Does Angostura put out a video about exactly how it makes its world class bitters?....

Are these finished products available for local consumption?....and  if so at what cost?.....for the finished product is there a localized rate and a rate for outside of TTO?.....

Supply Chain Management performance metrics vs Demand Risk performance are matrix-ed against competitive availability of raw imports which again have to be imported to be processed into finished product, all despite the glut on the world market of the inputs required to produce, with no concessions granted for importation of inputs from Chicago IL, USA

Why are steelband tuners expressing lack of availability of drums to make pans in TTO..still with all of this happening..

More questions than answers...ah go stop there for now

Gregory my friend,

  1. The new administration did reopen the facility.
  2. The video was produced under Diaz's watch (not Beverley's).
  3. Unlike Angostura's end product, the drum is far from the finished product.
  4. Members of the local steelband fraternity should verify availability of drums ex-factory (not my informed sources).
  5. Members of the local steelband fraternity should verify cost.
  6. Members of the local steelband fraternity should verify the existence of preferential/subsidized pricing arrangements.
  7. I do not foresee any challenges with the sourcing/supply of raw materials, except for corporate incompetence, or managerial unsuitability and inefficiency.
  8. With regards to concessions, the only ones I see forthcoming is from the government in the form of waivers in import duty and other costs.

Gregory, I have attempted to reply to every concern that you have raised in your contribution to this discussion except:

"Why are steelband tuners expressing lack of availability of drums to make pans in TTO..."

This statement nullifies everything my informed sources shared, and relegates this discussion to the trash can.

It may now be imperative for a representative of the central executive to bring clarity to this issue, as Gregory Lindsay is saying that:

Drum Demand is Greater Than What The Drum Factory Can Supply.  


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