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Duvone Stewart has stormed the CONSCIOUSNESS of PAN LOVERS GLOBALLY with his arrangement of "YEAR FOR LOVE"

I have never seen such acclaim for a PANORAMA TUNE. Spiritually, I have come to believe that THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF GOD -- MAJORITY RULES. But as everybody calls the performance the GREATEST IN THE HISTORY OF PANORAMA, I have to REPRESENT my GREATEST PANORAMA SONG EVER and the circumstances surrounding it.

In the EIGHTIES my father used to send me a CALYPSO VHS and a PARADE OF THE BANDS VHS and some CALYPSO TAPES after every CARNIVAL. In 1986 he sent me the USUAL PACKAGE and I ended up looking at the PARADE OF THE BANDS at some point (taped from TTT).

There was a commercial break on the TV and as the commentator came back he said some thing to the extent that you can now hear the sounds of TOKYO playing PAN IN DANGER as they moved  away from the stage. The band was "pretty far" from the stage at that time and the microphones were not loudly picking up the sound of the band and the camera appearance was pretty brief. But I became transfixed by what I heard. I had never ever before heard any STEELBAND capture the SOUL OF THE ISLAND; the essence of CALYPSO; and the vibration of a land with such pathos. And I said to myself: Who ever arranged this song HAD TO BE ON DRUGS to capture that STEELBAND spirituality.

That day PAN IN DANGER by Clive Bradley became the most memorable (and still is) STEELBAND PANORAMA PERFORMANCE in my life. (At that time I did not know who was Clive Bradley was, so I was betting in the blind. Ironically, I went to New York that summer and hooked up with George Victory and had access to all his studio recordings and all that comes with filling in the blanks.)

Only one other PIECE OF TRINIDAD CALYPSOUL has ever taken me to that place again -- but I will leave that alone.

Lilian Sten was one of the first posters on this forum to recognize and praise the genius of DUVONE STEWART and her writings seemed PROPHETIC at the time. So as the world celebrates DUVONE STEWART, I know how it feels to be KNOCKED OUT by a STEELBAND ARRANGER and ARRANGEMENT -- if only ONCE IN MY LIFE.

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Despers - Pan In Harmony

1976 Steelband Panorama Champions arranger Clive Bradley

yes odw, ah still waiting tuh hear better than that an ah hear all 54 ah dem from 1963,1979 did not have except prelims. lol

Mr. Clarke: I think I will have to put in the BACK TO THE FUTURE TIME MACHINE!!!


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