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Duvonne Stewart pays tribute to Tobagonians for enduring support

Pannist/arranger Duvone Stewart plays the pan at the International Music Night of the Tobago Jazz experience at the Pigeon Park Heritage Park on Sunday.

Tobagonian-born pannist and Duvone Stewart was literally brought to tears on Sunday evening, as he was honoured by the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for his outstanding contributions to the steelpan fraternity.

As a tribute, Stewart was presented with a portrait of himself by Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, Tourism and Culture Secretary Nadine Stewart PAhillips and Chairman of the Festivals Commission, George Leacock International Music Night of the 2018 Tobago Jazz Experience held at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Stewart’s portrait was done by artist Shonari Richardson.

Speaking with reporters following the presentation, Stewart expressed his gratitude for the tribute.

“I am very, very pleased. I am very honoured to be back home. Of all the accolades and the successes that I have had thus far, it is fulfilling for me to be recognised by the people back home. I feel honoured to receive all this love here, it was shocking but then again, I receive everything with an open heart and I will continue to make myself become the flag ship of steelpan music from Tobago to the world.

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"I've been the only arranger to win Medium, Small, Large and Single - only arranger to win two Panoramas in one night."

All dem GENIUS PLAYERS and ARRANGERS down in TRINIDAD and is ah man had to come from TOBAGO to set all dem records. TRINIDAD better STEP UP!!! Maybe dey not as GENIUS as they think!!!

Eh Claude???

What yuh mean by "Is a man from Tobago....etc"...Like Tobago supposed to be inferior to Trinidad or what?...Dwight Yorke and Dale Mc Leod from Tobago too...Does that diminish the quality of footballers and insurance professionals in Trinidad?

I always thought that TRINIDAD had the best PAN MEN and STEELBAND ARRANGERS in the world. If I say Andy Narell or Victor Porvost or Tracy Thornton is the best PAN MAN (or arranger) in the world -- everybody will tell me I MAD: Trinidad have the best PAN MEN (and ARRANGERS) IN THE WORLD.

But now I am reading that a PAN MAN from TOBAGO holding all the PANORAMA RECORDS.

Something is NOT copasetic (not quite congruous) WITH THAT!!!

Yeah?...Why?...Clearly it is not that way anymore...Maybe if we were more open-minded and even fair...Andy Narell would still be a factor in our Panorama...Ah glad yuh mention Provost too....There can be no argument about his quality as an improvisor...He is simply on another level...He and Johnathan Scales...

He just has a great attitude.  He go beat dem for a long time to come.

Duvonne Stewart has impressed me as being extremely humble and gifted

Well, Duvone Stewart now seems to be the self-appointed GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR PAN. And I have always been calling for a GLOBAL AMBASSADOR for PAN -- so I am jiggy with it!!!

Like meh CYRSTAL BALL working, boy. A few years ago I was driving  DUVONE STEWART and SALMON CUPID from San Francisco to Sonoma State University (about a 70 mile drive) do a presentation for the school STEELBAND GROUP. After the presentation I suggested to them that the T&T GOVERNMENT should appoint them GLOBAL AMBASSADORS FOR PAN and have them travel the world promoting the instrument.

Look now!!! Both of these guys have become GLOBAL AMBASSADORS for PAN on their own initiative.

That is a project I would love to be associated with!!! And one that I would like to see implemented, officially!!!

merrytonestothebone: I will tell you a funny true life joke about this issue and my prejudice, which is a popular prejudice in Trinidad -- at least when I lived there.

When the OURBOYS  STEELBAND (FROM TOBAGO) came out here almost 20 years ago, I stepped up and helped them in many ways. So sometimes I would give a few of them ride to a GIG and help them move the pans and stuff like that. But once they were there I would leave and go about my business.

One day I dropped a few of them of to do a job and as I was about to head back to the car, one of the players asked me: Claude how come you always give us rides and thing but you never come to hear us play?

And without thinking or editing, I impulsively blurted out: "Because TOBAGO PEOPLE CYAR PLAY NO PAN!!!"

TRUE STORY!!! Later on I decided to GO WITH THE FLOW and started to attend the shows and ting. But maybe early prejudices die hard. Or never die for that matter.

Claude boy...If is one thing...Re: your final two sentences...I admire your honesty...lol...

Best wishes to Duvone as he takes his brand all over the world.

Is not HIS BRAND, Cecil!!! It is the PAN BRAND!!!


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