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Hi all,

I received an e-mail from the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism requesting an E-Pan on loan for a display that they were putting together for participation in an expo in Surinam. The presentation was a display of pan from its inception to present. They also indicated that the display was attending an expo in China subsequently. I indicated to the officials making the request that I would loan them an E-Pan for the Surinam display but I did not want the E-Pan to be included in the China expo. They obliged and indicated that several parts of the exhibition would be returning to Trinidad and not going to china, so the stage was set.

I am turning to the community now to ask for your help in finding the E-Pan as after over one year of requesting the return of the loaned E-Pan the ministry finally informed me in person that the E-Pan was "apparently" lost. I know that the pan community is quite resourceful and it's feelers have a long reach. So, if anybody finds or has heard of anyone who has found a lost E-Pan please contact me or the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism so that this can be resolved

I thank you all in advance for your help.

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The Patent Troll is a system of extortion as per the President of US said. Learn more of this scam system which entirely brings down the US patent concept. Hence many inventors are patenting offshore. But the US Senate is passing new laws to improve the entire Patent system. My personal feeling its too late. better to Patent outside of the United States. Please read all.


Here is more evidence of the corrupt Patent Troll system. its has become demonic in the US. Even the courts are paid of at the back by these companies. It is now being realized that most software should not be patented because they change so fast. So the US Patent offices are also corrupt for they issue too easily patents on software business or software itself and high tech items which continue to change. Read up folks. educate yourselves.



Your information is a bit misleading, nothing demonic at play here just good ole capitalism in the age of the internet. Patent Troll by its definition is no different from what the legal firms representing music producers, song writers, movie producers and software developers do, to those who they allege infringe or threaten their clients legal right. To some this can be considered a form of an internet "shake down." 

This is how business via the world wide web is played today, licensing is the key. remember Napster, the next big challenge for the service provider is coming from  BitTorrent technology, Netflix, HBO and Hollywood producers all see this peer to peer sharing of large data files (movies) as a major threat to their survival. The legal challenge they are faced with, is how do you define streaming video where downloading considered illegal.  Yet, if you are able to view their latest movies via this protocol, you most likely will receive a letter for copyright infringement because your IP address shows you viewed it on your computer and that is considered an illegal download. VPN Virtual Private Networks have already found a way to work around this by masking your IP address.

Remember most of these laws were written before we saw this explosion in internet technology and eCommerce. Net-Neutrality is another example how Internet service providers are considering operating the internet super highway like a toll road, you pay for speed and access.

The bottom line is, in this age, the nature of doing business is not how we know it. The rules keep changing as you go.

Meanwhile China and Japan and other countries are mashing up US in International sales and technology. 90% of those software techs should not have been registered as Patents They are now beginning to realize this. Pretty soon most of them will go public domain and software should not be Patented anymore. Patents should really be for physical creations-thing you can see instantly with your eyes. They ate now thinking alone those lines. Patents in the US  is like stale milk. It has gone sour.It is now being look at by the government. The patent offices are the major culprits. They patented rubbish. Software should be under Copyrights rather than Patents and only for 5 years. No more. It changes too fast.

We are living in the age of the Digital revolution, it’s an open secret that China has stolen trade secrets and technology from US companies using a variety of methods to obtain them and avoid prosecution. China is known as the Clone Capital of the world. The bottom line is money and who can make it cheap and profit. In the US, companies can influence law makers to write legislation to protect their products and investments.

The profit incentive is all over when it comes to goods purchase and sold via the internet, access to quality information comes with a cost, think union busting in some states and you can understand why the new dynamic with cost versus services and products, the school systems are moving rapidly with this changing dynamic, software developers Microsoft and others from the Silicone valley are revolutionizing the education industry, from kindergarten thru college, with a hand held device IPAD and using their apps, you will be able to learn all you need to learn and more, the apps will grade you and automatically upload the information to your teacher. School systems are using these apps through licensing agreements that are renewable, some on a yearly basis others through outright purchase.

This has changed the whole concept of teaching as we know it. It’s being called flipping the class room, relying more on technology than traditional teaching.

This is just one example of what taking place in the digital revolution. Rewriting the laws that govern everyday processes as we know it is going to take a long and costly undertaking. In the meantime those who understand the challenges US and others are faced with, see the opportunity to exploit the system knowing they can’t be legally prosecuted, CHINA.

Depending on what’s at stake for your business threatening legal action is a viable option, others like Patent Troll another incentive for making money, settle now and avoid the legal challenge.

The US has become trapped in their own Colonial setup. You have to understand Chinese, Japanese, India and many other nations of this planet have long given up on the US in terms of their oppressive and restricted tax laws and laws to gain supremacy of others. At one time there were laws governing supremacy of race. The US was a leader in this and it still shows it ugly head at times. We have to be able to move past the US restrictive laws. China and Japan are not thieves of technology as the US will have us know. Some of the world leading high tech companies and far better and greater than the US companies are Chinese and Japanese International conglomerates. Yamaha, Sony, Samsung, to name a few. They don't waste time with Patents relating to computers,and software for these change monthly. Why go through Patenting them, when someone can crack them open and copy them. If we think about it, it really does not make sense. Next thing one sees another creation but with slightly different uses and shapes. Next year more come. The US is now beginning to tell on their economy and how it is fictitious.  They are about to release computers and software from being Patented. You have to remember that when Patents came in, things were made out of iron and wood and steel. Things were hard to copy. anyone can make a computer and write software and include something in a different way. but that goes out pretty soon for something else. So Patents become a source of corruption which is very rampant beginning from to to bottom. Just imagine one can attend bid for the patents of someone who can't upkeep them and the company has gone broke as no sales of the patented products are obtained. The troll smartmen can buy out the Patent-not the company license other who they think a using the patent products without permission. So we have a saying in the Caribbean tie from tief make God laugh. The state of the Patent in the US is in collapse. China  knows this. Japan and others know this so they bypass the US Patents.

Mr.Cupid; this is nothing new, so I'll provide U with some facts, about the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, after we Pan Am North Stars won the 1962 Music Festival and, the 1963 first Panorama, we was about to go on our first tour, my 37 notes tenor pan / ping pong, a D Second, a Triple Cello and a set of Basses was placed in our National Museum, as an ARCHIVED GIFT, for the PEOPLE of T&T, Circa 1999 - 2000, when a certain Minister from the Southern region was elected to that Ministery, the instruments disappeared, and isn't it ironic that this same 37notes instrument later showed up as Brian R.Copeland, first of its kind Genesis, or G-pan? where Williams / S.N.S.E. big tenor, big D Second, Cellos, and Basses had already been derived in 1968, U can hear these said instruments on the "Ivory and Steel" album with Winefred Atwell, so U see my good man Cupid, they're up to something, just look at YOUR E-Pan, dosen't the PHI-pan look's like a forged E-pan, with all the same componants, trigger mic's,Yamaha, Digi Tect, Korg, Roland, Fishman, and Baccus Berry etc, where they patent someone else's already patented componants, i'm waitin for the fireworks to start...

Are you referring to this ?....

Leslie Michael Jordan
I feel horrible for you. We Trinidadians a very patriotic and we always find yourself perform noble deeds, but as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You are not the first person that was used and abused by Brian Copeland and you're not going to be the last there's lots more to come unfortunately.

Nice post . ODW.

I also saw this last night , and I was also thinking of its relevance to some of our discussions here.

Yes, Like I had tried to put forward. patents are important but patenting software which changes weekly as soon as something is discovered is big big shit. and that is why Japan and China and India don't worry about patenting software. First off it can be copied not by copying the actual software but by someone thinking of the exact idea. It is going down more and more until something is changed. it has opened up the door for trolls who are really patent thieves themselves. That is why they hide under ground. The lawyers and judges love it because they also get cuts from the patent thieves. So the pan instrument in a sense has been saved by that nonsense. It wasn't a bad idea not to Patent the original invention. It turned out best for the original invention. in fact we had our own system. if you saw someone playing something which resembled your idea and pan-fight start right there on a carnival day. Remember Ellie Manette's "baracuda" he told them they could have it and he would make more and is still making more. The idea of patent is good but when it is taken to far like now it is, it becomes demoniac. that is why I have been telling Copeland to just make his instruments and sell it. If it is the best he would have the biggest market any way. but when one thinks only i alone should or could make something and no one else can or should  make a similar thing, then that is against the laws of God. It therefore becomes hellish.


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