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Hi all,

I received an e-mail from the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism requesting an E-Pan on loan for a display that they were putting together for participation in an expo in Surinam. The presentation was a display of pan from its inception to present. They also indicated that the display was attending an expo in China subsequently. I indicated to the officials making the request that I would loan them an E-Pan for the Surinam display but I did not want the E-Pan to be included in the China expo. They obliged and indicated that several parts of the exhibition would be returning to Trinidad and not going to china, so the stage was set.

I am turning to the community now to ask for your help in finding the E-Pan as after over one year of requesting the return of the loaned E-Pan the ministry finally informed me in person that the E-Pan was "apparently" lost. I know that the pan community is quite resourceful and it's feelers have a long reach. So, if anybody finds or has heard of anyone who has found a lost E-Pan please contact me or the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism so that this can be resolved

I thank you all in advance for your help.

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not so much Copeland I meant but Cupid.

The fight to "reform" the USPTO patenting system is a red herring...  It usually sheds light on the fights between Goliath-Ogres pitted against David-Trolls highlighting the former's double-standard hypocrisy...





Ironically, the very same parties who called for these changes are now decrying the increase in lawsuits that are a byproduct of the reforms they themselves demanded.


Andre; the "red herring" is right on the money, and the false assumption of what one is not, makes you smile and chuckle, but we/of SNSE do feel for Cupid though, and hope's that he get's them back because, we know first hand what it is like to have your work "INFRINGE/STOLEN, OUR BIG TENOR PAN"  of 1968 for example, the very same pan that Brian Copeland calls his G-pan,  we also know his/Cupid E-pan was out long there before Brian Copelands PHI-pan and alleged Genesis G pan, where they BOTH patent an already patent and copyrighted SNSE/Williams 4ths & 5ths technological item, and according to the International Copyright Act, you "CANNOT" Patent, Trademark, or Copyright, any item any part of the world that has been already registered as such, we at SNSE will be extending "moral leaniance" to Cupid, when he withdraw said patent and re register it as a "Tradename", not so with Copeland et al, a US Supreme Court Indictment is in process where SNSE Copyrighted 4ths& 5ths was willfully infringed, when (they/Copeland et al) Patent there alleged G-pan and PHI-pan in the US, where they used these instruments as a "Camouflage", Public knowledge, in 2005 a mandate was given by the then PM to Brian Copeland, Clement Imbert, and Junior Regrello, to create a (New Family of Pans), but it must be in the 4ths & 5ths model or "spider web" and it must be patented, and as AG Ramlogan record show's, a sum of $34.5 million US dollars was allotted to this projest, and $4.7 million US every years since 2005 to the present, as the October 2014 budget had disclosed, our "GIST" was the Question, how can U research and create, something that has already been research and created since 1968??? so they went to the US after they found out that it was Design Patented, Trademarked, where Copyright is automatic in Trinidad & Tobago upon registration, so we/SNSE file an "Infringment Claim" no CV2014-00079 in T&T, and Copeland et al was served on Feburary 6th 2014, according to Court Proceedures a rule of Law, FORM-3 a "Notice of Appearance" was filed on Feb 14th 2014, and in the said appearance (Part9) number 9,  If so how much do you admit? If you dispute the balance of the claim you must also file a defense within 28 days of the claim of service on you or, judgement may be entered against you for the whole amount claimed, the time period expired March 6th 2014, the very day that I was at the bedside of the late assistant CEO an foundation member of SNSE Mervyn Peters passed away, four hours before he passed,as he was dozing in and out or traveling, knowing to himself that he was leaving us, he was babblin about Copeland, I said to him Copeland is being taken care of, just try and get some rest, the time had expired as (they/Copelands Attorney) sent a correspondent asking for a six week extention of time to file a defense, as the Exe CEO of SNSE, I urged the board that we denied it, when we realised that they were "playing games with us", as they was in contempt and obstruction of Justice, a violation of due process, as the time period expired, we then "File for Judgment" as required by Court proceedure a Rule of Law, in other words, "WE WON OUR CLAIM", about a month later  we recieve a notice to come to court as (they the defense) had appeal to the Court for an extention of time to file a defense, the Court will not do that, only the Claimant /SNSE can give an extension of time and we already denied it, in Court there Judge, one of there Lodge, I'lluminati, Cult buddies, was to concern as to how come I/We was able to file a Claim of this sort without an Attorney, and ordered me, to withdraw the Claim or he will dismiss it today, THAT WAS A THREAT IF I EVER HEARD ONE, I said what ??? what I wanted to tell him I couldn't, so I walked out, later we was told that the case was dismissed, we plan on laughing all the way to the bank because, according to the Constitutional Laws of T&T Chapter (1)  7, 8, 17,  (1&2) section 70 no law may abrogate, abridge, or infringe, or authorise any infringment  of those rights, (e) deprive a person  of the right to a fair hearing/judgment in accordance with the principles of natural justice of his rights and obligations... so Andre i'm/we're at SNSE will be smiling soon, when we get back from the QUEEN'S and PRIVY Counsel with REDRESS, and in the US there may be an EXTRADITION as money laundering was implemented according to the U.S. Supreme Court DA, a big problem for them, "do not abuse the steel pan and steel pan men"  this should teach them to have some respect for pan and pan people...

Just as an F.Y.I, Salo contracted his IP attorneys to do a thorough search in all WIPO domains including IPO of T&T and found no record on file, including the Copyright (C) 1963, of the "Spider Web Steelpan" of Maestro Anthony William/S.N.S.E. invention.

In fact, when his co-patent claims were filed with the IPO of T&T no such IP for steelpan (acoustic or electronic) existed as marked by his record, Patent Application No. TT/A/2006/00044 - Salmon Cupid.

You will see how the subsequent (after-the-fact) filing did not occur until 2009.

So, how are things changing?

The first piece of good news was the announcement that a team in the Steelpan Development Centre, part of the Faculty of Engineering of The University of the West Indies (UWI), had developed the G-Pan. It was unveiled in July 2007. A great deal of credit must go to Professor Brian Copeland at UWI the G-Pan team leader and Professor Clément Imbert. This has been followed up by the development of a new electronic steelpan called ‘Phi’. It is a real breakthrough that takes the instrument to a leading edge position in the 21st century. The IP behind it is protected by a patent - US Patent 7030305. T&T has now won back a leading position in steelpan and protected all the smart thinking and design work that went into developing the electronic steelpan.

This is the problem when you want foreign to respect your "Cultural IP" rights but you do not extend the same locally, even when it's done by a native steelpan son of the soil, who has more than paid his dues in more ways than one...

The journey for justice continues and one good old day, the missing e-pan will show up in someone's place, and what a story it will tell, ent... ;-)

Andre: Salmon should put a BAND together: Six man band with 5 E-Pans and 1 Acoustic Pan. Six good players and he could hit the road and start showcasing his E-Pan and the traditional TENOR PAN. Think about the kind of music you all could create with such a band and those E-Pans.

So many instruments; so little MUSIC. Let's make some MUSIC!!!

Andre; there was NO IPO in 1963, the IPO was not implemented in T&T untill 1994, maybe U can find what you're looking for at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, I've already posted a copy of the Design Patent on WST over a year ago, it reads PATENT AND DESIGNS ORDANANCE,  APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION  OF A DESIGN, address To: Registrar of Trademark & Designs, Red House  Port of Spain,  the IPO will also tell you the same thing, COPYRIGHT IS AUTOMATIC, the Copyright Act ( Chapter 82:80 ) will disclose same, so good luck, you guy's are something else, U think Panam North stars and BWIA West Side Symphony members were/are dummies... 

Au contraie, not in the least as I have sincere respect and admiration for those efforts you speak of and supported the efforts in previous postings.  But I am curious if those efforts to protect the IP rights ever extended to domains outside of T&T, especially the USPTO?  My brother is deceased (RIP), but he was an avid inventor (Pan Doll) and was an integral part of the then fledgling IATT who lobbied for the formal creation of the IPOTT, which they saw as important to the development of the nation.  They also were pursuing a link-up with government and private enterprise to fund a Idea Incubation Lab where inventors could pursue their dreams, but... 
My father is also deceased (RIP), but by his nature and language skills (fluently bilingual in English, French and Créole due Martinique Roots), he landed a job to manage the T&T and Grenada Pavilion in Montréal (circa 1960's).  Esso Tripoli was a huge draw and impact on the world stage.  The remnants of the "army boys" who remained and formed the Playboys would often meet and get together for some grog and ole talk.  They would relate accounts of a musician-engineer from Germany who was blown away with the steelpan and offered assistance to patent it.  He was put in touch with the Government (PNM) of T&T, but it was nixed and died as they said there was limited resources so that idea should be pursued by private means.  I was young then (circa 1970's), but it confused and upset me that there was not more sustained effort to claim an important stake in "we own ting" for the development of a then newly-independent nation.  The sad explanation related was that the sigma associated with steelpan/steelbands back then was to blame for the lack of will.  The picong and fatigue they laid on me was never rancid and they would let me "the youth" talk, never silence me, nor tell me to shut up or that I was wrong, just the impatience of youth.
In any case, I was also told that the Pythagorean theories which Maestro Anthony William's used to apply to his 'Spider-Web" design were adapted and varied from the original drafting of Pythagoras, is that so???
All the efforts in these regards still has a long way to go!!!  But the e-pan invention was formalized and patented long before the arrival of the patented e-pan invention.  Please check the records filed with the USPTO where you will find such is so.
The USPTO Utility Patent is what Salo first applied for and was granted (and we can see the reason for that tactic in his strategy).
Utility Patent-  Issued for the invention of a new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or a new and useful improvement thereof, it generally permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for a period of up to twenty years from the date of patent application filing ++, subject to the payment of maintenance fees.  Approximately 90% of the patent documents issued by the USPTO in recent years have been utility patents, also referred to as "patents for invention".
His claims for "how it works" with the applied technology as opposed to designs, satisfied all requirements.  It is a definitive "new and useful improvement thereof" on previous prior art and his commercialization and acceptance by many steel panist is a testament to Salo's efforts to add to the steelpan family of instruments with an electronic version to the traditional acoustic version is no different to what many have done.  It is a companion-tool for those already versed with the traditional one, not meant to replace it.  Those who have bought into the technology have find the innovation very useful and are using it in a myriad of way to improve their skill levels and another testament to his proof of concept.
Claude Gonzales Salo is a very busy man, (2 full-time jobs, TASSO plus his biz), so maybe another would venture what you and others have suggested.  That would tie-in nicely with all the "huff-and-guff" talk from certain quarters ent...  ;-)  Because I too would love to see a showdown.  Maybe at an event where both camps can choose their ace panist to showcase what is what and who is who.  Many would pay to attend that type of performance, not so???

CUPID, I see that U have drawn back your "Bow", and the arrow has flown, as the CEO of SNSE, I'm/We, are on top of everything, ever since 2005 when the former PM Patrick Manning gave a mandate to Brian Copeland, Clement Imbert, Junia Regrello, to creat a new family of pans, based on the tenor pan, "But pans to be developed must be in the 4ths & 5ths model or the spider-web design, and it must be patented", Anthony Williams derived  the technology 1950 while in St James North Stars, developed it through the years, and Design, Patent, and Trademarked where Moral and Copyright is automatic upon registration on  the 18th September 1963, so they have already "Willfully Infringed", where they knew that it was already Internationally Patented in T&T, so they went to the US, revoked the Trevor King 2002 patent, implementing tampering and interference where U cannot revoke a patent that IS NOT your own, who had also infringed said technology not knowing that it had been Copyrighted through the US Library of Congress WashingtonD.C., at this  present time a US Supreme Court Indictment is in progress for INFRINGMENT, which seems as a decoy, as this infringment was not about the instrument's technology it self, but instead it was about MONEY, $81.5 million US dollars total, the pans was used  as a "Camouflage or Laundry Soap to launder the money, "where the former AG Ramlogan disclose $34.5 million in NEWSDAY Newspapers page 3 Saturday July 9th 2011,  headlined "We are instructed  that you have wrongfully registered the patent jointly in your name and that of others",   we at SNSE was the one's who corresponded /disclose said  proof to the AG's office, and the October 2014 budget disclosed $4.7 million every year since 2005, totaling to date $81.5 million US of pan people dollars, plus the countries highest award the ROTT, also don't forget a "PATENT CANNOT" be transferred, a Copyright can, and remember the U.S. don't  play with theirTAXES or Cpyright's, the Copyright penalty's IS 5 years in Federal Prison or $250.000 dollars fine OR BOTH, MORE TOMMOROW FELLARS...  

Bro, If you not from upper-class society and properly-connected, life can be a struggle.  If you aim too high, the oligarch will close ranks and cut you down, especially if you trying to hard in their quarters.

WST interview of Salmon Cupid

*TT/A/2006/00044 - Salmon Cupid‏

They way they arrogantly treat this steelpan man like a little boy is shameful.  But he has broad shoulders and thick skin and better familiar with "who he dealing with".  He's not given up, so hopefully, justice will prevail.



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