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Driving in snowy New England, I'm listening to Solo Harmonites albom "The Wrecker" (1968) , still sounding good after all these years.


I'm thinking , that Earl Rodney is one heck of an arranger.Won't it be great if he was able to take one more crack at the big prize?

I'd love to hear what he would do with a modern Panorama arrangement.

Anyway, much respect, Mr Earl Rodney..

(BTW, the panmen were prettty good too, back then)

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Earl Rodney is one of the true greats



If Earl Rodney returns to Solo Harmonites as arranger they would be unstoppable
I will alwaysremember Bongo, with the combination of Skin drums and Steel drums, the mosy awesome Panorama presentation ever. Earl Rodney is a musical genius...
Yes sir........one of the best of the best........I think that the Wrecker was one of the few "Pole to Pole" Panorama victories..........the players had real respect for Earl Rodney.......when Earl was in the Yard everyone listened......one of the greatest arrangers of Panorama Music........only the GREAT Clive Bradley compares........
excuse me? i don't want to be negative but Ray Holman is miles better than Earl Rodney.
I find that Ray is being left-out when there is talk about arrangers, remember the Great Clive Bradley said that the only man he respect is Ray, Ray is one of the two best arrangers in Trinidad the other one is Boogsie and half of Boogsie is Ray.
Least we forget, Earl Rodney is a living legend and one of the greatest musicians / panmen, ever to come out of T&T. He's true giant in the business and still has much to offer. Wish he would come back to the panorama stage and whip some of today's panmen into shape by dishing out some real music for a change.
remember earl rodney with ruiz - pan and brass -  great innovator and arranger

I was very fortunate to have played Earl Rodney's music in Solo Harmonites. He introduced a very effective Latin beat in his Panorama tunes which was somethig new and well accepted. He won very early for Solo which was a very young band at the time. I think he was one of the best arrangers of his era.

Yeah I worked with the Master Earl for a while in New York and one of the things we tend to forget about Earl is that he was and still is one of the greatest bass players ever!
Earl will do wonders, anytime. Class is class!
Earl is a master arranger and his bass lines with Dutchys and Sparrow's Troubadours are legendary and still gives me goose bumps when I listen. He is definantely up there with the greats for his work with pan and brass having won both panorama and road march. But as to the best panorama arrangers he will be in the first five behind Dr Jit, Brados, Smooth & Boogsie.       


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