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Hey people...I am trying to gather enough money to purchase an epan. SO I have this fund raiser online. Can you please donate something, any amount is appreciated http://www.gofundme.com/epan4keishaun

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Who said you did Claude? Cecil suggested I could surely ask Salmon for a discount or even a free ePan. I responded with Salo's own words to get us back on track. You would be surprised how often he is asked by many to give them a free ePan. Something we have seen discussed many times in WST about the problems this expectation of "freeness" many of our peeps, from all stripes raises. Salo is not close to being in the realm of bmobile and digicel. Duvone does not expect it in their business relationship even though they are long-time friends. Best of all Keishaun himself in his approach has shown a maturity by choosing the popularly accepted crowdfunding method, which is the professional way to go. He is on a path to success and I support him. Redundancy quite often stresses the obvious for reasons that are not as clear as you think.

Let's move on!! I am a big supporter of Salmon Cupid and I have the most respect for him and consider him to be quintessentially dynamic. I also support this young guy Keishaun so we are both on the same team.

I am aware of the cultural issues.

Agreed... I have a long drive home in not so good winter weather, so good night...


I'm a friend of Caleb "Bravehart" Hart, and liked what you played on the Tasman Jude EP.  I wish you luck with your pursuit of your goals, and I appreciate your honest critique of electronic pan products.

To the WST Community:  Keishaun represents the future that many of you envision.  He obviously is trying to establish himself in a recording and performing career.  I respect that he has come to the community with his proposal.  And I can say that I listen to his music every once in a while in my car or at work.  Like he said, it should not matter whether his preference is ePan, PHI or any other.  What is important is that he will use it.  I wish this young brother the most success.  Enjoy the music of this Tobagonian collaboration.


Thanks man...Thanks for the words of support!

Yeah, you boyz and dem have some wicked stylings...  Good show!!!


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