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EVERYBODY beating the PANS so HARD in this NY PANORAMA how could anybody enjoy that ...


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Courtney, listen to PanEvolution, the melody is evident throughout the performance and the execution of the piece was near meticulous. Maybe the output to the author's ears was muffled or filled with static. The Panorama was good, not excellent, but good.

It's so sad reading some of these comments,...some things never change...it's been years now and I'm still seeing the same complaints. It's a cycle, like a cat chasing it's tail and never catching it...year after year we ask for WST to handle the sound and the powers that be, refuse....sigh!

It's so sad.


Dr. deLight: You made me LAUGH SO HARD that I woke up the dogs ... and you know what they say about sleeping dogs. However, on a more serious note, I would like to sign up with you to do an online course on the FUNDAMENTALS OF WRITING CLARITY IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. We could negotiate a mutually agreeable fee.

Recently, a PANMAN decided to elevate himself to AUTHOR and his article was published in the official program of the recently concluded NEW YORK PANORAMA. Oblivious to the circumstances (the sociology surrounding this particular individual) that propelled him to the height of LITERARY CONTRIBUTOR on that night -- the man was berated to the lowest levels of MENTAL HARBOUR on this forum.

I don't want that to happen to me, Dr. delight, so I want to enroll in an ONLINE ENGLISH CLASS with you so that I could post on this forum without subjecting myself to the abject criticism that buried the literary hopes of that poor pan man. If I could identify him I will have him join your class with me.

I know that I am kind of old to suddenly seek this harbour; however, I have heard them say time and again: Better late than never!!!

Amigo, "better never late".


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