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I'm at a loss for words, first of all am I right in saying, there have never been a panorama finals without Despers????...

Aside from all that, the issue is, was Despers performance substandard? the answer is NOOOO!!!!!

Andre, brought a whole new concept and freshness to the pot with his arrangement of Profit of Pan, but I believe it was a little to high for some people to grasp, this was no jam,jam,jam,jam and a whole lot of runs that didn't make sense or fool dem with a lotta noise, like I said in my pan song "Underdog raise de game in de Panorama"  Despers tried too, but alas the judges won't listening.

The Radoes could hold their heads up high and know they did set a standard on sunday night in de panorama maybe next year they might listen. one love.... 

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I hope Witco Desperadoes keep the faith with this young and upcoming arranger(Andre White), because he did a fantistic job. Apparently the judges like to here the same old same old every year..............again a fantastic arrangement.

Please excuse my typing the word is FANTASTIC

I am not knocking All Stars by the way. I am not a Despers man either so there is no bias there. I'm just trying to say it as I hear it. May the best band win, but fair is fair.

 In what "REAL" competition have you ever seen two bands tied for 1st place, another two bands tied for 10th place, and to add insult to injury 3 bands tied for 7th place. Can I see the paper work please? Clearly, the seriousness of judging is not a priority for people who are governing Pan in Trinidad. Panorama is not a competition in Trinidad, it is a Tradition!!!  There is NO WAY that all those bands tied when the points were counted per band. That is B.S.! Despers and all the remaining bands that did not make the finals should request to see the official papers that tallied three ties in one Panorama. I am disgusted!!! Keep your head up Andre! They can't hold you!!!

I feel for Despers fans and Andre, last night after Andre gave the count I look at his body language on stage his conducting was off key the music did not move the 40,000 listerners, after the performance the response from the fans was very lukewarm for Despers.

Also, on the frontline was Robbie who seems to be lost with the tune he was more shadowing than playing, it was obvious.


i thought it was a great performance, not the usual riffs and showoff stuff panoramas lately are made of. andre and despers, don't let them get you down. play in your yard, play in the streets, play for the people who believe in you, that you made magic this year.

People lets keep it real the band perfomance was lack lusted it did not have the energy that it takes to get you over the large hump of a semifinal night the music was new and different hats off to the arranger,but the count was to slow.Semifinal night is  a very serious night make no mistake you must bring your a game when the rest of the pack does...... 

Folks could you'll remember some years ago Solo Harmonites playing Clive Bradley's arrangement of PANAMA ? A masterpiece. The judges apparently did not even consider that arrangement,so it's becoming a norm.

 As a Despers fan, I'm saddened; however, when I looked at the video on WST, they did not sound like there was any life in their playing.  The arranger seemed asleep. He barely lifted his hand once!  I hope they learn from this experience and return to being the Despers that I've loved. 

I truly believe that there is a lesson to be learned from the fact  

that 'Despers' did not make it to the finals.

What Andre White did with that tune was much deeper than simply a  

competition piece. He did what I've been hearing people on 'Pan TImes'  

say for some time. He wrote a piece of music that went BEYOND the  

judges. I love that he captures the essence of the 'Despers' of the  

'60s, fresh and new in 2012. The players were truly showing respect to  

Pat Bishop. They sounded like they were drilled by the 'Pat'  


All I can say is 'very well done' 

and that I am very proud of Andre and Despers   

and will be enjoying that song for many years to come..ASHEBA,  

For three years now despers were  playing around the edges of semi Finals  and still getting in I know one day they would fall off the edge Despera always perform Very Goo d in the finals but lately they have been very poor in the simi's

They have to perform up to stump in both simi and finals no more holding back I think the judges saw that this time

 Good luck next year fellows. you know what you have to do

Yes Kaiso ...next time around he will put his stamp......it will be a differnt look....this youth has what it takes all he needs is that killer take all mental......respect all but take no prisoners


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