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I'm at a loss for words, first of all am I right in saying, there have never been a panorama finals without Despers????...

Aside from all that, the issue is, was Despers performance substandard? the answer is NOOOO!!!!!

Andre, brought a whole new concept and freshness to the pot with his arrangement of Profit of Pan, but I believe it was a little to high for some people to grasp, this was no jam,jam,jam,jam and a whole lot of runs that didn't make sense or fool dem with a lotta noise, like I said in my pan song "Underdog raise de game in de Panorama"  Despers tried too, but alas the judges won't listening.

The Radoes could hold their heads up high and know they did set a standard on sunday night in de panorama maybe next year they might listen. one love.... 

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I cannot say that this is something to appreciate, especially when I am aware of the time and effort put in by the arranger to bring this piece to some sort of fruition. That said, let us keep our chins up and let there be better luck next time around. The band was thrown out in 1971 when it 'buss' with 'Mas in Madison', and also in 2002 when the judges seemed not to have clearly listened to Bradley's 'Savannah on Fire'. We will bounce back. Others like Exodus and  Renegades and All Stars have, after having been thrown out. So will Desperadoes in the fullness of time.

Competition is clearly stifling creativity, as far as steelbands are concerned. Time to stop this competition thing and make panorama a festival, whereby creativity and innovation might have a chance to flourish,... once again.

I know that the powers that be will eventually get the memo, but until that day comes we can only expect more of the same. 


Love your song Underdog, and dreamed that a band would play it, lol - beautiful stuff.  Your lyrics in the song, that talk about raising the game in the Panorama sadly rings true with this Desperadoes fiasco.

But it did not start with Desperadoes and the ass-backwards, or possibly even corrupt judging.  Whenever something happens to one of the bands, around Panorama time or anytime during the year, there is really no response or solidarity from the other bands.  There are frequent issues enveloping them at times, and it's like to each their own.  

Whether Boogsie is ketching his arse with keeping Phase II in its home-base, Exodus being booted out of the competition supposedly because they had more than the number of players allowed, called out by a rule that was never enforced to begin with; or Renegades not making it into the finals last year after the noise level from the disgusting creatures in the North Stand, not real the Pan lovers who are also there, but the particular characters who disrespect the culture and art form, and should not be at panorama because they're only there to party, not listen to Pan - it's all part of the hard issues or trials that face pan people at any point in time.


When these types of things go down, with no coming together, no united stand, so divided the giants are all falling, one a year, for one reason or another.  Nobody takes on Pan Trinbago, or addresses the issue of several incompetent judges, or crucifys whoever is responsible for the particular wrong at the time.

It seems like every band just chills out when their brethern are being mauled - until it's their turn.  Things have to change, or it's going to get worse. 

I agree Raffique.

Some people believe that competition is necessary for outstanding performances from bands and arrangers; and one cannot deny that the panorama competition has produced some fantastic and memorable music.

Is competition really absolutely necessary to produce outstanding pan music?

I find that difficult to believe.

The impetus for musicians, composers and arrangers to excel exist even without competition.

The reason true artists do what they do is to reach the limits of their potential, though I must admit that some are also driven by financial considerations.

The judging parameters limit innovation, and the growth of new arrangers.

And then for most bands that have been eliminated, there is the dreaded "dead panyard syndrome".

Until next year, folks!

Life is ups and downs. I think that Despers is on on a down spiral. Despers is and will always be my band there is no doubt about it. If the judges said that we that we did not qualify, we have to live with that, when we were good we were Very good. We took a chance with young Andre but it did not work out. The same thing happened with Renegades last year. We got to regroup and come again. We cant blame the judges. They heard every band and made their decisions!

How I see it Despers had excellent tonal quality, but too slow of pace, lack of imagination once the intro/verse/chorus sections were done.

The piece seems to have gotten lost and never recovered even in the build-up to the closing, that in some instances gives the judges a reason to re-consider.

Let's face it Andre tried to channel Bradley with little success. Hopefully next year he'll be more at ease and place his own stamp on the precedings.

I listened to Despers panyard release and thought 'I hope they pick up the pace for the Semis'. They did, but not quite enough to please the judges, I guess. I'm a Despers fan but I'm not blinded into thinking that everything they do should win the title. They didn't play a 'jump and wine' pace and I liked it. It was different. Maybe that's why the judges scored them so low. I heard all but the last two bands and knew which bands didn't quite execute as well as they could. They didn't make the cut. But this one surprise me.

They were just Despers of yester year.

Competition is good, it brings out the best in us. if we dont compete we would not know how good we are. Do we want Panorama to be a Concert? We have no proplem with Best Village Competition, the Music Festival Competition or Pan 21st Century Competition, yet we dog Panorama because its a Competition. Seems very confusing. We must be fair and consistent.

i tried to explain exactly to many before and they still don't get it.

great response valentine young

Could we just see that there was stiff competition last night? Some bands I heard on the track  and what I heard on stage was totally different so I said I'll just wait for the results and this is what I did.For  the critics of All Stars what was the name of the song they played ? Nuff said.

Not to digress. Underdog, nice song! as is Ajala Return of the Marsicans, BOSS song, Lennox Picous "Whey de Melody Gone," BOSS song! and no band played it. BOSS song. I'm glad I found this website because I often feel like I'm the only ass who is devoted to pan and pan music sometimes.

Back to Despers, etc. Again, I'm not knocking the judges but I honestly do not feel that the band performed so badly that they don't deserve a place in the finals. Come on. Was that Deltones arrangement or execution anywhere near on a par of Despers? No way!

As for All Stars and Silver Stars: Honestly, I was bored of them. I'm tried of hearing these bands present essentially the same arrangement over a new tune year in and year out. It's tired, and has been done over and over and over. No growth. Nothing much different. This is what killed Jit and Renegades too before he got sick. You can go back to the eighties and listen to All Stars and you will hear that Smooth has a style that he plugs in from time and time again.


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