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Republic Bank Exodus durring their semi-final performance of Superblue’s “ Rag Storm” at the Queen’s Park Savannah, on Sunday.


Four-time Panora­ma cham­pi­ons Re­pub­lic Bank Ex­o­dus Steel Or­ches­tra has changed their tune of choice for the up­com­ing Panora­ma fi­nals, as arranger Pel­ham God­dard be­lieves the judges are not in­ter­pret­ing his arrange­ment of Austin "Su­per Blue" Lyons' Rag Storm the way he would like them to.

In­stead, Ex­o­dus will now be play­ing Kees Di­ef­fen­thaller's Sa­van­nah Grass in the fi­nal on March 2.

Ex­o­dus will be en­ter­ing the Panora­ma fi­nals in the sec­ond to last po­si­tion with 265 points.

They are 14 points be­hind cur­rent lead­ers and de­fend­ing cham­pi­ons bpTT Rene­gades.

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So what happens if every one dont like their placing and decides to change their tune? This should not be allowed, total nonsense return to your yard and fix the dam thing.

I concur; what brought you in, should take you out. Having said that, and I have stated before, unless it is ‘written’ there isn’t a violation to voice objections...It give those sulking because of their placement or elimination a chimney to vent exhaust. 

Return to your yard and change the damn tune. Finals is a NEW competition. Has nothing to do with what went before.

Excellent move by Exodus.  If Exodus can beat the likes of Phase II, Renegades, Trinidad All Stars and Desperadoes after less than two weeks of work, more power to them.

Does anyone really think this is even bothering the big bands that are in the finals? 

Why are small band people trying to have a say in big band business?

Do I care how many times you changed your major if you graduated on time?


Good for them, a risky move perhaps, but I thought Savannah Grass a much better song than many of the Socas chosen. Rag Storm particularly weak. especially for Superblue to have done it! I hope Exodus can pull it off, though I still love the Renegades chances...it could become a real contest! ps- I am surprised that they can just change tunes this late!

There are few laws that work in Trinidad and Tobago.  What Exodus is doing, as this is a competition, is not fair, judging was done already on what was played.

But is it stipulated, is it written? If not, all is fair game. Now it gives the Association time to pause in order to make changes if necessary. It is not an easy feat, so Ican’t see a pattern developing here. Good conversation piece though.

There is nothing unfair about this. Scores from semis are NOT carried on to the finals. 

The preliminaries are unfair. Different yards on different days, are we serious.

Phase II changed arrangers between rounds one year. Was that unfair?


Judging is STILL to come.

Did not Skiffle change their tune this year?

Exodus is part of the BIG5, this is not little league championship...

Something To Play | King Panman ft. Duvone Stewart | 2019

The band knows the risks; it's their shout.
The rules are silent on this.
Precedence: Both Phase II and Skiffle have done it before (not referenced to this year either).
{Some further research on the exact circumstances of these changes would reveal the 'when' of the change!}
So there should be no fuffle with this!
Remember "Professors" comment that 'Panorama' is really an 'Arrangorama'?
That means it up to the band (players) + the arranger (music) to succeed.
The 'players' are up to it; but will the 'music' be?
Best of luck Exodus. :-)


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