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Republic Bank Exodus durring their semi-final performance of Superblue’s “ Rag Storm” at the Queen’s Park Savannah, on Sunday.


Four-time Panora­ma cham­pi­ons Re­pub­lic Bank Ex­o­dus Steel Or­ches­tra has changed their tune of choice for the up­com­ing Panora­ma fi­nals, as arranger Pel­ham God­dard be­lieves the judges are not in­ter­pret­ing his arrange­ment of Austin "Su­per Blue" Lyons' Rag Storm the way he would like them to.

In­stead, Ex­o­dus will now be play­ing Kees Di­ef­fen­thaller's Sa­van­nah Grass in the fi­nal on March 2.

Ex­o­dus will be en­ter­ing the Panora­ma fi­nals in the sec­ond to last po­si­tion with 265 points.

They are 14 points be­hind cur­rent lead­ers and de­fend­ing cham­pi­ons bpTT Rene­gades.

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Skiffle changed This Year.  Hookin Mih in Prelims, So Long in Semis, recordings on Sound Cloud.

Well, it looks like they actually changed songs and played So Long in the Prelims, but Pan Trinbago or UTT misidentified it as Hookin Mih in the recordings on Sound Cloud linked from the Pan Trinbago website.

2019 Panorama Prelims, South Large Bands(Skiffle)

Skiffle - So Long

Title of song listed in error, corrected @ 3:18

Well they are both the same "Purple Heart Riddim" essentially the same melody with different lyrics, and the Skiffle arrangement obviously has no lyrics, so it would appear you could call it either name and be "correct".

Not so. The melodies are very different. The chord structure and rhythm of the songs are the same. Is it not how the lyrics are sung that defines the melody of a tune?

Pan Trinbago should reconsider their decision, not because of fairness  or unfairness, but simply because the Association was not guided by stipulation (written) and therefore it gives the appearance of bias, emotionalism and overreaching. Though I don’t see this as an ongoing problem (exception rather than a norm), use this opportunity as a learning curve, put it in writing/the rules book for next year, then they would have a leg to stand on. On this thing about ‘Finals’ is a new competition, no. Points accumulation may not be considered when going in to the finals but we all know the physiological edge it gives bands and supporters and also influence judges who are trickled by noise.

"Su­per Blue was at the Ex­o­dus pa­n­yard dur­ing the pre­lim­i­nary judg­ing and al­so joined the band on the stage for the semi­fi­nal. In the arrange­ment for the song, God­dard in­clud­ed some of Su­per Blue's for­mer hit songs in­clud­ing Get Some­thing and Wave. God­dard said he se­lect­ed Sa­van­nah Grass be­cause of how pop­u­lar it has be­come."

Does this mean Goddard has lost his ability to work his magic with the tune of choice he selected for PANORAMA???

It was stated the song SG came out LATE this season.

Ex­o­dus won the Panora­ma in 1992, 2001, 2003 and 2004.

God­dard was the arranger in all four wins.

War 2004

Exodus - War 2004 Semi-finals

Exodus - Mama Dis Is Mas

Steelband Bomb Tune...arranger Pelham Goddard 2003.

Exodus - Rag Storm

Pan Trinbago you need to be firm and stick to the decision you made, that is not allowing Exodus to change their tune for the finals. If you allow Exodus to play a new tune, and all the other bands decide do the same, it's no more a competition, the show becomes a free for all, like pan concerts etc. that happen throughout the year after carnival. New pan management, keep law and order in place. Remember long ago decisions on this issue were shortsighted.

Again, unless the adjudicators are judging name and past fame and not the song executed the night in question, the ‘free for all’ concerns are muted. Legislate the rules for future Panoramas if this is as serious as many are making it to be; make amendments as needed to improve the competition. It is only the edged groves of the pan that can pose a risk with interference, not rules. Stipulate, amend and Pan Trinbago won’t have to bend the rules, for or against the unexpected. 

"Legislate the rules for future Panoramas if this is as serious as many are making it to be."

Clevoy: You hit the nail on the head!!! We been having PANORAMAS since 1963 and the "change tune issue" has very rarely raised its head. I don't think that there are more than 3 examples -- as I see people scrapping to find some.

So to suggest that the acceptance of a change this year will open a FLOODGATE is demagoguery. Secondly, PAN TRINBAGO is free to fix this rule on ASH WEDNESDAY and end all the NONSENSE.

But what you are really looking at is the TRINIDAD PENCHANT to gravitate to BACCHANAL. And this is BIG BACCHANAL so everybody blood boiling.

When the real progressive issues concerning PAN are presented: Everybody stays quiet. NO BACCHANAL IN DAT!!!


Agree with you 100% - A scandal it is not, free for all it is not. Few bands can do what Exodus is attempting even if they tried. Different if bands were going into the competition with points accumulated from the Prelims. Now the Pan Tabey has escalated to this point, Exodus if they decide to forfeit the new selection, will be going in with a new bump; eyes and ears of those who may not have given them that stare or attention. That now has changed.


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