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False Accusations from WACK fm's CEO, Kenny Phillips

False Accusations from WACK fm's CEO, Kenny Phillips


WACK fm's CEO - Kenny Phillips - has accused When Steel Talks of illegally sharing the station's internet feed available for the South/Central Conventional Steel Orchestra Preliminaries competition unfolding at Skinner Park in San Fernando, Trinidad.


This is untrue. The link provided below, gives the public from any part of the world, EMBED codes to share. This is no different than the Embed codes that allow the sharing of YouTube videos.


In fact the "livestream.com" site which provides those Embed codes promotes sharing of the stream. Please feel free to click on the link below and observe personally. A screenshot inviting access to the code is also shown.


Mr. Kenny Phillips sadly and bewlideringly - appears to be "technologically challenged." Mr. Phillips should perhaps consider a basic course to assist him in comprehending what 'freely sharing Embed codes' with the public means - Basic Tech course 101.


There is nothing unique to Radio stations or - many other Embed Codes - being made freely available by the "stream" provider. An example of another local station in Trinidad & Tobago which does so, is Power 102 fm. Others do so as well...



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It looks like Kenny is slightly out ah "WACK" LMAO

There must be a misunderstanding somewhere; personally this should have been resolved behind closed doors...let's hope for a resolution, which important for calypso and pan.

Glenroy you and WST are going to get sh-t form the WACK people for saying that they are"technologically challenged." It's just that the brothers in T&T don't like any advice from anyone who live in "ah foreign".

Oh, I see.

Well, excuuuse me!

Cecil, everyone is streaming in HD from their phones these days and cars are parking for themselves. You don't expect me to feel sorry for a man who can't start his car or know where to put the key. Oh I forgot, cars are starting these days by remotes through smart phones -no keys needed. LMAO


Bugs I am sure that we will get a reaction from Steve Sealy on his program tomorrow on WACK, after all it is he that set-up his CEO, I heard him say on Friday nite that he have "ah can of worms to open" he did and his CEO started to babble.

Well said Glen I have to agree with both you and Bugs…this is a win/win for all parties involve never under estimate the Power of the internet…when Google bought Youtube they too understood  this power and the value of  their investment. Just look at what is happening with the Facebook IPO …


” (Reuters) - Facebook's initial public offering is likely to set a new standard for how low investment banks are willing to go on advisory fees to win big business.

The world's largest online social network is expected to tap public markets for $10 billion in the coming months in an offering that will value the company at up to $100 billion, according to sources familiar with the planned IPO. It will be one of the biggest U.S. market debuts ever, and a prized trophy for the investment bankers seeking to win lead advisory roles.”  


 So for advertisers and business looking to reach potential consumers this is a goldmine. Everyone who has a registered Facebook account is going to be targeted…technology is changing rapidly; WACK there’s money to be made by working together for the benefit of each other. WST has made a global impact and its membership continues to grow you both are doing excellent work in the promotion of our Pan culture, hope you guys can work it out for the benefit of Pan.


well this fella is only embarrassing himself and showing the world his ignorance and lack of knowledge of his own business. ridiculous.

FWIW - there's an FB page called "Carnival TV" which streamed some events last year live -  and in HD.  SUPER-high audio and visual quality. 

They're doing it again this year, not for all events but for the major ones; on a PPV basis ( cheap  too - soca monarch tonight, for 99 cents; & i think the rama is 10 bucks)

anyhow - just saying this to let everyone know that for the 'main' events, there are higher-quality alternatives to the radio streaming sites, which i've always found to be crap as far as sound quality and constant re-buffering. i'll use them for pinims and other stuff not streamed elsewhere, but for the main events  I have no problem paying for a super high-tech quality stream.



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