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STUDENTS of Febeau Government Primary in San Juan will soon benefit from new steelpan equipment, following a donation of $100,000 from the Scotiabank Foundation.

At the cheque presentation, Scotiabank Foundation director Peter Ghany underscored the Foundation’s commitment to helping young people become better off. “The Scotiabank Foundation invests in our young people and communities in the areas of education, empowerment and environment.” This donation, he added, helps us focus on two of these areas – education and empowerment.

Steelpan Education in Primary Schools has many positive outcomes.

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Ah giving DOCTOR DOLLY credit for THIS ONE!!! Ah feel that she had a silent hand in putting this deal together!!!

Congratulation to you Febeau Gov't School and great job Scotiabank Foundation for your focus on education, empowerment and the environment. I have been telling my audiences in Toronto, Canada and Boston, USA about the need to focus on the same areas that your foundation emphasizes. Economic, social, cultural, political and environmental pillars will definitely help to keep pan and its people moving forward also.


MC Joseph, MES

Master in Environmental Studies

PS: I clicked on "read more" and an Asian page came up instead. The page was hijacked and it's not the first time.

MCJ, did you know that BWIA Sun jets West side Symphony was the first steel band who started "Toronto Carabana" festival from St Kathrine in 1968, to the fairy and then to the Island, and the following year we played at "Tidesom in Montreal, I don't think I spelled that correctly", before going on to Sweden, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Denmark, Germany etc etc...

Thank you for this history JJJ.

As a researcher, I believe your information could be made available to the Caribana Historical Society; an organization that does not yet exist which would be very critical to share with pan organizers in Canada. I also think your knowledge, skills and stories of the global pan community has significant contributions that will help us all highlight the growth of pan in Canada.

Thank JJJ

MC Joseph

MCJ, I maybe moving to Canada next year, where I'll be publishing two of my books, I'm also working on something with UT, that's looking good, I'll keep U posted...

Very good JJJ,

I hope to see you in Toronto soon. 


MC Joseph

MC: JJJ wants to write a book. And you want to document and highlight the growth of PAN in Canada. And Cecil want to bring PAN BACK ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL. And I want somebody to go in the studio and record some GOOD PAN MUSIC that could reach GLOBAL MARKETS. And odw wants to write a BUSINESS PLAN FOR PAN. And bugs wants to put ROLLY POLLY in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT.

But all the plans still on PAPER!!!

Good news in Trinidad. Thank god.

Aquil: I think that it is time for you to move from SOUTH and take up RESIDENCE in the NORTH. I have some friends in the NORTH that I can introduce you to -- and they could explain a lot of things to you about the PAN POLITICS in the CITY.

It is not too late to hire me as you PERSONAL POLITICAL CONSULTANT!!!

And speaking of politics, if you happen to run into MARLENE MCDONALD -- please shake her hand for me. She brought the law of unintended consequences into Rowley's lap and forced him to change course.

What a thing!!!


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