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Finals Order of Appearance for International Panorama

1. Gunslingers – St. Martin
2. BP Renegades – Trinidad
3. NGC Steel Xplosion- Tobago
4. Calypsociation Steelband – France
5. Mosiac Steel Orchestra – USA...
6. Curepe Scherzado – Trinidad
7. Ebony Steelband Trust – England
8. Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Grove – Trinidad
9. Pan Elders – Trinidad
10. Panorama Steel Orchestra – Japan
11. UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra – Jamaica
12. Super Novas – Trinidad
13. Pan Fantasy Steelband - Canada
14. NLCB Buccooners – Tobago
15. Brooklyn Steel Orchestra – USA
16. Trinidad All Stars – Trinidad
17. EXODUS – Trinidad
18. Pan Time Steel Orchestra – St. Lucia
19. PSC NItrogern Silver Stars- Trinidad
20. Pan Coalition – USA
21. Arima Golden Synphony – Trindad
22. Starlift Steel Orchestra – ST. Vincent
23. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps- Trinidad
24. Salah’s Steelpan Academy- Canada

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Take de field Ces, Renegades is my stallion.....me eh fraid anybody.....: ]

Buh wot trouble is dis ah reading!!!????
Tight? Absolutely! Always! And in all ways.
Virginal? Definitely not! Nothing virginal about this band and/or choice of tune. Refresh my memory. Was it not 1987? That's 28 years ago!!! Some of the young un's on this forum probably wasn't yet born. As previously stated –– this is "redemption". The band is simply REPURCHASING (through hardwork, talent and creativity) what was taken from them 28 years ago. Nothing more!! Nothing less!!
It will be an 8-minute cornucopia of musical sounds ('notes' is too mundane a word) creatively stewed and simmered so as to produce a continuous, unified, evocative arrangement through melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. I sincerely hope that the judges, both local and foreign, with all their certifications get a chance to read this forum before 3:00pm this evening. Why? So that they will not only be aware of, but ENJOY and be whelmed by an arrangement that seamlessly incorporates the East Indian Tassa with the SMOOTH simulation of the Tassa drums,
ON PAN ( ! ) by the ever capable and inordinately talented pannists.
As you must know –– they are all stars. Every single one of them.

De wife very happy –– ah get 2 nice bundles of chive this morning.
And yuh know what dey say? "Happy wife. Happy life."

Gotta run again. Have to make a stop before heading to the GrandStand –– Going to put a lil $650 tickle on a "Jamette".
In PlayWhe! In PlayWhe! Why all yuh mind ben' up so?

Peter Detight, you have to be my age or older to know bout Craig (My mother used to take me to woodford square to listen to DR Williams) Craig would have said, "This evening in the ICP, all fall down", lol

Age is just a number.

A.L.Nunes, yuh have a strong horse in the race. My band is Phase ll but ah doh like their choice of tune, it's either yuh want to win the money or prove ah point, it looks like Boogsie and Smoothe has something to prove. With 24 bands in the race that's a bit risky. I wish all bands well and hope the best band wins.

In all seriousness I do wish all bands the very best. With the foreigners, I warmly welcome them all and openly state my interest in Mosaic Steel for playing Jit Samaroo's Pan in Ah Rage. I know that arrangement backwards and look forward to hear what their arranger "cut out" to bring the piece down to 8 mins. Jit's arrangements are so full its virtually impossible to poke a finger into it. 

If Mosaic phrases it properly with a full balanced contingent of 60 players on proper instruments, they would be a band to watch!


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