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Beverley and the NEW VISIONARIES sit around for THREE YEARS and never lifted a FINGER in opposition to PAN TRINBAGO CORRUPTION, suddenly it is election time and they appear under this new TEAM REBUILD JERSEY with a plane full of TOBAGONIANS and they promising to buy a NEW COPY MACHINE for the HEAD OFFICE.

Image you claim to be a BIG BUSINESS WOMAN and MASTER ADMINISTRATOR and you come to deliver your NOMINATION FORM and when DIAZ ask you the very (very very) fundamental question "did you make a copy" yuh face turn to SHOCK at your unpreparedness to even be the MAIL LADY in the organization.

Dropping buzz words like a rapper but cannot even copy a piece a paper ... what kind of PRESIDENT she go make?



The last college boy ended up states witness. Haven't you learned your lesson Claude. George Papadopoulos, Sam Patten, Paul Manafort, Michael D. Cohen, Alex van der Zwaan, Rick Gates, Richard Pinedo, Michael T. Flynn...

Keron who? 

You sounding like a GOP member

The last time I commented on this forum Aquil told me not to take on certain things because this is an ole talk forum and today i came very close to believing him.
People are saying things that they know not of! I am a supporter of that woman called Beverley Ramsey Moore for president. Claude you are really out of touch with T and T pan because you would not be asking where was Beverley. You should be asking where was valentine? I have seen at every pan Trinbago Beverley taking on that executive non stop on mis-management, corruption, integrity in public affairs etc. Where were all who talking up loud now to defend her. The most abused persons in pan by the Diaz executive is Beverley and Denise Hernandez. Who the hell ever defended them. When they made them persona non grata and even threw Beverley off a panorama stage where were they to speak out against abuse and injustice. Beverley and Hernandez never ran they stood and fought at every turn but nobody won't blow their trumpets because they are women but today is a different day and Mark my words the 28th October will be a historic day with the first female president of pan. By the way The CIP mission was fighting for player's money while the Visionaries was about saving the organization from waste, thievery, and collapse. The visionaries were right and all of us were wrong. One final point of you find Beverley look shock she had a right to because he President should know that the documents must be stamped received and then they are copied. That is pan office and they must service their members.

Denise: I love that stolid defense of your candidate!!! If Aquil told you that this is an ole talk forum. Aquil better update his files just like you call on me to get IN TOUCH.

In the end, when all is said and done, and the final nail is in the coffin, and on and on and on... and the results are put up on the board -- THIS OLE TALK FORUM would have played a MAJOR ROLE in the final outcome of this election.

I am waiting to see your MANIFESTO!!!

Claude, I agree that they should have had copies. How could you submit docs w/o having your own copies to be stamped rec'd, upon receipt. I also agree that I wasn't hearing anything from the New Visionaries for quite some time.

Maybe they were active on the net , Buh me eh hear or see nutten. I may be wrong. The bachanal done start.

Keron? Me eh know.

Don't worry Denise 

There are thousands of us on this forum who support Beverley. I really like how you put Claude in his place.  Denise you have come on this forum and slap Claude everyday. He's getting you shape for what's about to come down the pipe. He really would like to run Beverley's campaign. 



People stood up for New Visionaries.

At the very first attempt to take a vote on a motion to declare members of the New Visionaries "persona non grata", a CIPer asked for the motion to be withdrawn, members agreed and this was done, but at a following  meeting a motion was again moved to have all New Visionaries members declared "persona non grata", and that motion was passed.The CIPer was absent from this meeting.

At a subsequent meeting when threats of more court matters were being mouthed in a general meeting, the said CIPer chose to defend the New Visionaires and moved a motion to reinstate the members of the New Visionaries, the motion was passed and the members were immediately reinstated.

"By the way The CIP mission was fighting for player's money".....

The UPPM, a spontaneous group headed by Dane Gaulston and Gregory Linsday , admirably took up the cause of fighting for players remittances, this group was quickly disbanded.

CIP was then formed with the AIM of examining the SYMPTOMS,finding the CAUSES,and providing possible CURES to PanTrinibago's afflictions.

CIP has been on a continuous media blitz over the last two years, presenting facts and figures to the entire membership via, memes, emails, meetings, articles, motions, articulating the membership hurts (and yes! panmen moneys too)  at PT meetings, etc.

CIP recognized that to bring about meaningful change, we had to get rid of this entire present executive, seek constitutional,policy and structural changes, so that the organization can better serve it's members, the nation ,and the international pan industry, in the best possible manner.

CIP studiously avoided "going to court" and falling into the trap that ensnared others, and through astute planning the CIP predicted the split in the Executive, since early 2017.

CIP has a A-Z Document that has been emailed to bands and has been posted on WST.
These facts can be confirmed by CIP advocates who are on the ReBuild Team.

CIP has a published document, named A to Z Solutions.

CIP kept Music for Change April 21st 2017.

CIP protested on Emancipation Day 2017.

This April 2017 meme which Bro Scobie misread and caused him to put pen to paper accusing CIP of preaching violence.This was a prediction of the present executive today's reality. This was not guess work.

Good Claude! I just want you to be fair to all. Don't just go after the fighter plane Beverley because She have more balls than all of them when lining up. Ask Diaz and he go tell yuh. She never run she stood and fight. That is why I like her. 

Okay, Oswald Alexander!!! After that posting I am ready to CAMPAIGN for YOUR TEAM. Just tell me what TEAM you are on!!! But don't tell you that you are BACKING BEVERLEY because you will lose my support in a NEW YORK MINUTE!!!

Claude boy, next ting they go tell me that me eh know nutten bout pan. I'd probably agree.


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