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Full Extreme wins National Road March Competition 2017 - Trinidad and Tobago

With 556 times played Full Extreme wins National Road March Competition 2017

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Montano, take note and learn a lesson. We Trinis were thirsting  for a good song like in the days of Kitch.

Congrats!!! Full Extreme is the anthem of a culture...

No more jump and wave with no good melody,,,AYE A YAI.

Congrats Guys, this was the most exciting music in a while, at least to my ears. Thanks. Ultimate Rejects. I look forward to your continues creative work.

Congrats  Mr. Thomas on your success for the National Road March with your tune Full Extreme.

Thank you...thank you....I richly deserve your gratitude. Next time though, send cash. Denomination does not matter.

Congrats to Full Extreme you all really wok Dem !


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