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Pan People in the Mecca, today is the town hall meeting in StarLift panyard, YOUR contribution could be what's needed for the steelband to get some sense of direction.  

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My mother always told me that "dog doh return to vomit". I have come to accept that I am not appreciated on When Steel Talks. As such, I made a decision to end all further contributions to this forum. The twisting, warping, hate, and dishonor, informs me of how welcome I am. There are those who will continue to "tote feelings", and I am okay with that. That affects them...not me.

To those who have continued to show support, appreciation, and support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have a lot of work to do, and holding personality warfare on WST, does NOTHING to assist our brothers and sisters in the local steelband fraternity of Trinidad and Tobago. I have outgrown the level of immaturity that has become the norm in this forum. Anyone who will like to follow the Ghost, Panicle, and the feedback from the town hall meeting, are welcome to join our Facebook group, "Pan Forever On De Barbargreen".

Finally, I thank the owners and moderators of When Steel Talks, for allowing me the opportunity to fine tune my skills as a writer, advocate, and leader. I wish you ALL continued success, in whatever you endeavor in this short life we life. I am living mine to the FULLEST, and the blessings that I continue to receive, is my validation that "God" has endorsed my efforts. Thank you all again, and best wishes.

George D. Goddard, B.A. (Ghost).

Managing Director, Panicle Company Ltd.


Well Phan"tum The Ghost Who Talks,,i myself would be bowing out from this forum for good ,,, I am not a wolf in sheeps clothing,,,,there is no need for me to be involved in the forum, anymore,,,Believe you me,,my respect to you my Brother,,i am also despondent my regards to all WST members it was nice to be here but not to continue..God Bless..

Ghost  if I closed my eyes and just listen to your statements - I would think it was a Pan Trinbago executive giving his thoughts of the WST forum.



As a young man my mother always said to me “Don’t bite the hand the feeds you”

This morning I was checking Google the #1 search engine for a calypso by Sparrow and the number #1 site given for source information was found at When Steel Talks.

odw you know I was thinking the same thing.

George is the latest and may very well end up as the greatest, but even  if the WST people never do another thing for pan, they will still go down as one of the most important things that ever happened to pan. They have already done it with no crying, no begging, or no boasting.

Keep on keeping on WST. I do not take what you have done and do for granted.


OK people lets have a moment of silence for the two people who says they are not coming back in the forum.

Cecil, you believe that eh, The Ghost and Jerome just taking ah Break, they will be back, in the mean time I will just have to go on Facebook to see The Ghost,  Post.

This Forum is bigger than any of us and will still be around when many of us are no more.

Everyone has his detractors, we agree and disagree, but this is the nature of any forum such as this.

Unless I've missed something, this forum was pretty supportive of the Town meeting, and Ghost himself had supporters and detractors..

I for one never commented one way or the other on the meeting, but I was waiting for the post mortem of the Town meeting, and I did hope that it was productive.

So I'm surprised at Ghost's statement and position.

But, like I told several friends some time ago,

"Something wrong with dat fella. He eh right"

Glen I was told that the attendance was small at the Town Hall Meeting.

Cecil, Ask Bertel to enlighten us on what happened and how was the Attendance, since The Ghost is not on WST no more, (And BTW was SIDD in the attendance?)

A big "steups", Cecil .

Dey was actin like dey eh know Trini people !


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