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Pan People in the Mecca, today is the town hall meeting in StarLift panyard, YOUR contribution could be what's needed for the steelband to get some sense of direction.  

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Well that`s good news already Bertel ...thanks

Aye Bertel yuh doh know yet that the worst ting to tell ole people is to "hold strain" ole people ent have no time to hold strain, life going bye. lol

I'm glad that the meeting was well attended.

Bertel, That was very respectful of you not to make any report until The Ghost make his report, very respectful

My Bro. sal. You should of been present @ that Meeting. Your Contribution would of been well Aporeciated.

Bro. Val,I hear you,........ I did the next best thing since I was unable to attend ...I passed it on to Nestor Sullivan to represent and he is a positive brother ...so I am hoping that it was at least mentioned. Of course I would have loved to be there to defend what I have written ...but the next time (God Willing)

Aye Val, we know Salah contribution would have appreciated, WHAT WENT DOWN? forgive meh people ah ole and ah cyah hold strain. lol 

Cecil my Bro. Do You know that "Twiggy Young" is My Niece? Small World!

Val yuh mean MY sister-in-law? lol

Cecil My Bro. Are You Dready Brother?

Dready sister is my wife, small world. Just saw one of your pics with Blackie, we grew up together.

I just got of the Phone with Blackie. We were Police together in T&T. My Best Pal. Small World.
Cecil My Bro. As I said Before Small World" Pumpkin Vine. (LOL)


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