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Pan People in the Mecca, today is the town hall meeting in StarLift panyard, YOUR contribution could be what's needed for the steelband to get some sense of direction.  

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Is there a skype  link and hook up

Salah it doh look like we are needed any more.

Any news about the GGTH meeting?

I keep looking for a skype link and hook up but can`t find it

Salah it's pan people we dealing with. lol

What time is the meeting?

Wayne it is almost finished by now it was scheduled from 1-7pm  T&T time

Ah just have ah feelin we will see ah pic of George and Sidd shakin hands. lol


Cecil, Ah bet U Sidd don't Show?, lol

Bede, a lot of people did not like how a company showed up at the last minute and George did not give an explaination .

Cecil, Bertel is the photographer ...so he might give us that picture of Ghost and Sid ..... LOL

But somebody better get on line soon and give us some feedback.....

Salah, the meeting I would say was well attended, and yes I took a few pics, but would rather to wait on Ghost to report on his meeting, which will come shortly. So hold some strain!!


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