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Pan People in the Mecca, today is the town hall meeting in StarLift panyard, YOUR contribution could be what's needed for the steelband to get some sense of direction.  

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Cecil, Bertel did say that "It was well Attended" and he took Pics, I know he ain't  take no Pic of SIDD.

Bede I'm sure someone will give us the low down pretty soon without us having to follow anybody.

Yes. there IS a photo of Ghost and Sidd together . don't know 'who' took it though.

Apart from Bertel,not one of you attended the meeting but continue the SHOO SHOOING....do you listen to yourself, the meeting did came off and NUMBERS does not make a difference.....this movement is taken off to organize the panmen/women in TT we in TT would develop the movement MARK MY WORDS....

gavin, I am glad that the locals showed up because it's you all that will have to run with the ball.

SHOO SHOOING is as old as prostitution.

Shoo shooing is one thing Cecil but mischief is never productive...

merrytones, it looks like the shoo shooing  had a positive impact on the locals because as I look at what gavin said I see a "commitment to organize a movement" that looks good to me.

Tell dem, Gavin, and Merrytones! WOW! Wot a buncha *****

I am confused... I know this effort is a serious matter.  But the lighthearted responses I read reflected the anxiety (and aging) of the interested readers.  I meant no disrespect to anyone.


Yes, I saw the photo of Ghost and Sidd, and read the initial feedback that the meeting went well... That TnT Pan Community are glad that there is interest abroad in their well-being.  I don't understand where things turned sour.  There is a lot of reading to keep up on.


Again, my apologies if I showed disrespect.


Corey, where did you read the initial feedback? no one put up anything here, things turned sour, can someone fill in what we are missing.?

I saw a photo on a TnT Facebook page... Carnival Diary or some thing.  It didn't say anything, but the photo of the two men shaking hands seemed symbolic that the gathering was positive.

The initial feedback I spoke of was Ghost's post from Saturday, and he said "stay tuned", leaving everyone in a fever to learn how exactly things went.



We had certain people here in the forum when this Town Hall meeting was in it's planning stages that stated they were going T&T for the carnival and would attend, I find it hard to believe that no one has come forward to share with us what went down.


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