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Revisited -- Getting Panned in Trinidad -- (insult or not?) - The Jacob Edgar Saga

The following are excerpts from an extensive blog by Jacob Edgar on Pan in Trinidad & Tobago.  Depending on the perspective, even beginning with the very title “Panned in Trinidad” can be cause for pause – after all, ‘panned’ itself is a word which is oftentimes associated with unflattering critique.  Jacob Edgar’s blog paints a far less than positive picture of the steelpan instrument, the culture of pan and steelpan musicians of Trinidad & Tobago themselves, from our perspective.  While Jacob Edgar is entitled to his opinion, it is troubling that he promotes himself as the eyes and ears for countless others – see his self-description in part:  “….I travel the globe in search of the best music the world has to offer...and I suffer through some of the worst - so you don't have to!”  Jacob Edgar’s content and opinions are world-read and accessed not only via his blog, but as host of his own music and travel series Music Voyager - http://www.musicvoyager.com/   


Maybe Jacob Edgar is not qualified for the task he has undertaken – at the very least when it comes to the steelpan art form. Maybe someone from Trinidad & Tobago who is qualified (other than his ‘old friend’) –- ought to have educated Jacob Edgar on the eclectic capabilities and showcases of steelpan in Trinidad & Tobago year-round – outside of “Panorama” - and while they were at it, have a chat with him of his stereotypical view of a ‘Panyard’ re: “Much beer is imbibed, fights break out….”    Sadly, Jacob Edgar reminds us of some of the old National Geographic reporters who made us cringe.






Jacob Edgar - Ethnomusicologist, music producer, writer and researcher with an insatiable curiosity for the diverse ways in which people express themselves through music.Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Given the choice between Chinese water torture and being forced to listen to a recording of steel drums I might lean towards the former. The steel drum, or steel pan or just “pan” as most Trinidadians call it, is one of the instruments that just doesn’t translate very well to recordings and it is best appreciated it in its natural setting: performed by an orchestra of hundreds on a hot, sweaty night in Trinidad, ideally during the annual Panorama competition and with a belly full of local rum.

....I was a guest at a film shoot for a new movie docu-drama that tells the story of the development of the steel drum, from its humble beginnings in the poor neighborhoods of Port of Spain to the awesome Panorama competitions that attract an audience of thousands from all over the world. The film is to be called Pan! A Modern Odyssey and its producer is Jean Michel Gibert, an old friend who has been at the  forefront of the Trinidadian music industry for years.

....I also walked by the steel yard of the Renegades, an orchestra that competes every year in the Panorama competition. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it back to the yard later that night to attend their evening rehearsal, which I’ve heard is more of a social club. Much beer is imbibed, fights break out, and occasionally, the groups strikes up the metallic cacophony that is a true steel drum orchestra. Sounds just like my kind of scene!
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Gons, Claude has been insulting people and pan a long time ago. In fact, that is ALL he does! He is nothing more than a simple, impish, non-factor. Ghost


If Jacob admits he saw no stage side or legit steel orchestras performances while he was in Trinidad and also has never experienced panorama - how does he know what the existing recordings represent. What is he comparing it to? Jacob is playing you. Now he wants you to believe he is working on your behalf or worst, always was.


Brenda, you realize that Jacob just gave a new life to this discussion, Trini know that he check out WST so he's in in for ah good Trini cuss down.

If he don't reply what now? he spoke his piece already.

Brenda, he did not violate any tort laws. You cannot take someone to court for voicing their opinions, even if they are offensive and derogatory. We must understand there is a difference between "free speech" (which is what he exercised) and the "deformation of character" of libel and slander (which is what Salmon "E-Con Man" Cupid did, when he libeled my name in intentionally making false claims against me, for no other reason but to defame my character.) Notice, with ALL the insults I slew at Steve "SIDD" Taylor, I  did not libel his name, and his threats of suing me and others who call him what they think he is, hold no legal merit. I have been waiting for him to sue me for over two years, and he even tried threatening my security, by stating that the police and immigration are going to arrest me as soon as I touch down in Piarco. smh. (What an empty big head he has.)

Ghost Who Knows The Real Enemies Of The Steelband Movement Are Also WST Members. (Join the club, Jacob Edgar; you, SIDD, Steve Taylor, and Cupid the Stupid are in for a battle you will lose!)

Cecil this is not a Trinidad issue. Jacob is not a Trinidad local beat writer. He has an international forum. Moreover, pan left the shores of Trinidad a long time ago. He attacked Trinidad directly, but more importantly he slimed pan. While it is true that the thoughts of this imbecile does not diminish the enjoyment of pan by its lovers in any way, world history has shown that left unchecked fools and scoundrels like Jacob become monsters. And furthermore,  their warped thoughts, corrupt reasoning, lies and fabrications become the foundation of very bad actions against unsuspecting and defenseless people.



These days pan is all over the world and spreading as we speak, T&T has a pretty good reputation on the world scene, I don't see what Jacob said having that much of an impact on people visiting T&T or the growth of the steelband, there is a lot more people speaking positive things about T&T.

Sidd, do you really think BP will get involve in something like this, all them people is white people. I think we are over reacting because we are not accustom hearing people bad-mouth we.

Cecil: Obama and the Pope could take four hours of prime time tonight and give two speeches and then they could publish those speeches in every major newspaper in the world tomorrow and by Wednesday next week -- everybody forget about that. But one music critic is going to post one obscure blog in this global media ocean and that blog will negatively affect the history of pan and Trinidad for centuries to come. That is PARANOIA!!!

If yuh want to live a long life don't say nothing bad about MUHAMMAD or PAN!!

I hear yuh Bro.

Cecil, SIDD does not think...he STINK! lol. Obviously, this moron knows NOTHING about the law, or he would know that you CANNOT sue someone for making an opinion. If that were so, SIDD would have sued me a LOOOOOOOONG time ago, because I gave MY opinion that he LOOKS like a prick, and opens his hole like one too!!! SUE ME, you old, half-dead, spiritless loner! (I hope the CP is recording ALL what I'm saying; EVERYONE needs to know, what a fake and a loser you are!) Even the ones you "support" want NO part of you, because they realize that you are a NUT-JOB. (Pun intended.) I guarantee we will ALL live to see (or hear) the day when you pay for your thoughts and words. You claim to represent God and "His Spirit", yet you are possessed with technology and financial reward. You are pathetic in that, in losing your SOUL, you did not even "gain the World". Your envy and jealousy over people like me, who have a LIFE, a BEAUTIFUL WIFE AND FAMILY,  WITH GREAT HEALTHY, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT KIDS, "OLD" LOYAL FRIENDS, AND A "HIGHER EDUCATION" is APPARENT; you PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL who HAS YET TO PROVE HIS WORTH, OR THAT HE EVER SAW THE "HALLOWED WALLS" OF ANY INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION! (I hope CP is getting ALL this! lol) So, in reality, the ONLY person impressed with your bombardment of non-nonsensical words is (get this) YOU, in you verbal masturbation. CP, take it from here...

Ghost Who Is NOT Afraid Of The Law. He Resides Within The Parameters Of The Law.

Cecil are you talking about pan or in general?

Yes Bugs I am talking about pan.


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