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Give us back our Panorama

Published: Wed, 2011-02-23 21:59

As children growing up we went to Panorama with our parents, we went to panyards with our parents, and even had school outings to panyards. Our parents taught us the love of the steel pan in all forms. Throughout our teenage years and into adulthood we continued our yearly trek to the panyards and to “the big show” because to us without Panorama there is no Carnival. Recently we have seen the advent of the self-serving corporate citizens, J’Ouvert bands, and masquerade bands that are intent on making a mockery of Panorama and the hard work and sleepless nights that panmen and women endure for the love of our national instrument.

They are using Panorama as an opportunity for advertisement space and publicity at minimal cost to them, but to the detriment of pan. We have tolerated this decline in respect for steelbands and pan lovers but enough is enough. We expect Arts and Multiculturalism Minister   Winston Peters to take back Panorama. Let these people have their parties somewhere else. Make Panorama affordable to pan lovers once more.

Let parents feel able to share Pan-orama with their children without them being subjected to that melee of crass, uncouth, and disrespectful people. Minister Peters, why should the house announcer have to appeal to the rhythm sections every five minutes to cease and desist? Why let them in? The same way we were made to leave all bottles at the gate, deny them entry with the instruments. Every year they create the same problem. We look forward to pan back in Panorama.

Raquel Chandleur

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I have a simple question for Pan Trinbago. Why allowed music into a MUSIC SHOW ?
What wrong with some of you people?. You all are complaining were there should be positive dicussions. Whats so wrong with a rhythm section in panorama? It is a part of the fete.You are asking if music should be in a music show.This whole thing is becoming a circus, and yes there are, music in a circus. One thing you cannot do is carry food into a restaurant. Take away the engine room from a pan side, all you will have is a drill. So have a discussion on whats happening with panorama, step up with some positive discussions,ie, pan music judges, not music judges or someone that was trained as a opera singer to judge panorama. Pantrinbago could find competent judges in the Caribbean, North America and Europe.There are some judges that never even push a pan stand. We could know who has a favourite band long before they sit in the chair,lets put them on the stand. Thanks for the stage, WST.

hey, sante, I dont think the comments meant to not to have the engine room in panorama, at least what it means was not to have the patrons inside with rhythm, they disrupt the bands from playing.

yes, we must have the engine room in the bands, and if anyone sugest "not to have the engine room in the bands' they must be crazy

Bede, thanks for your input. First i should give you some props for a nice piece well done. As a pan player, you should never refer to any kind of entertainer as hooligans. this is not Germany vs England or Iran vs Iraq in a football game.What Pan Trinbago should do,is have proper control of the situation. The same instructions that they give bands on stage should be given to the DJ and all other performers.Green light, Red light, Refusing them the joy of being part of our greatest show on earth will not be good.

The answer is easy. Love of money.

If president Keith Diaz and his board had any true interest of Pan at heart they would have strongly advised Minister Peters not to construct a "North Stand" because what first started off as the world's largest cocktail party (at the Prelims) degenerated into a competition of caucophony of sound and inanely at an even more crucial stage of the competition (Semi-Finals).

One stand in an arced design facing the stage to hold four to five times more than the Grand Stand now holds would have sufficed.  By doing so, the price of tickets could be reduced and families and neighbours could again use this opportunity to picnic, enjoy and appreciate this most unique musical treat. 

But no. This is the highest revenue maker of Pan Trinbago. So build a larger North Stand: capacity 9,000 at $300.00 per ticket. Tickets sold out within hours. Do the Math and see how much money they are raking in. What percentage of that income is expended in transportaion and housing of pannists and instruments. 70%?

In addition to this nonsense, the 'greens' lime is born and with it several tents in which each is housed a DJ who collectively have an aversion to pan music and surely enough a competition amongst themselves is sure to evolve. But this is not only allowed by Pan Trinbago but encouraged. They actually accommodated space on the greens for "groups" of more than 500 persons so that the smaller "groups" could stay upstairs of the North Stand. So that one of these "groups" paid $150,000.00 to go behind the North Stand to drink and wine on ah tong ting to DJ (non pan) musicat a Panorama SemiFinal!. How mad are we?

As an aside, about four to five years ago, I called the then program "Pan for the people" aired on 94.7 hosted by Keith Diaz and Richard Forteau. I asked to speak to Mr. Diaz off air. He obliged. After identifying myself and giving him the area I was calling from, I simply asked the man to explain to his listeners the justification of increasing the cost of Panorama Finals tickets by 100%. I paraphrase his reply -   Who the hell are you to call and tell me how to run my business -



Pan Trinbago cannot do BUSINESS as usual again - we have the internet, the media and WST they would be exposed
I agree with Royce Russel. The rhythm sections have gotten totally out of hand and the persons responsible for them have no respect for the pan and pan lovers. The time has come (even before this year) to put some kind of restraint on these rhythm sections since they are interferring with the principal element of Panorama. We tend to wait until the horse has bolted before closing the stable door.
Yes, control those hooligans, deny them entry with their percussion instruments

As a pan player, it is sooooo frustrating when, after many nights and early mornings of hard practicing, it can all be for naught in less than ten minutes, when these sections openly disrespect these efforts by refusing to either stop for the bands to play or even worse, play alongside them.

Some arrangements have crucial stops and crescendos. If rhythm is heard where silence is meant, who is penalised? Certainly not these rhythm sections. They go home happy now that they have displayed their skills. 

I will accept these rhythm sections when I see "brass sections" amid the crowds in fetes and concerts. I say deny them entry into the stands with instruments and do away with that "greens" idea altogether. There are so many other ways and times to make money.

It is my belief that Panorama, rythm section and the greens can co-exist. The problem appears to be no rules and regulations are in place for limers and rythm sections. If the rules and regulations are in place then the problem is enforcement. A well organized event which stress a day of Pan fun and sun can be achieved, however the organizers and promoters must set regulations and enforce them.  
Imagine I saw today in the newspaper there was a section in the back of the North Stand where patrons could of taken a chance at riding a electronic bull, like a Rodeo Show. That was sure a first for me how could the pan officials allow this kind of nonsense to go on, and these people came to listen to pan?? Nah man the people in charge of this thing has to come better than that.

This is how  carnival has evolved.  The partygoers (with corporate sponsorship) and the traditional mas people, the partypeople (with corporate sponsorship) and pan lovers.


Why not have a day for the PARTYPEOPLE who love pan so much, let them have all the fun they wish without the distraction of any bands playing.  Then lets have the real panorama without the distraction of the party people.


Every year it gets worse and worse. Imagine a Northern Greens at the back of the North Stand to distract bands during the National Panorama Semi-Finals, sanctioned by the Pan Trinbago.


Where are these lovers in jourvert or carnival day?? Where are all the pan players fighting to make the side for panorama?What about music festival? Stalin right about the part time lovers!


Just maybe pan dead and we performing the final rights!!


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