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Going forward what do we want from the New Visionaries?

Assuming that the New Visionaries will takeover the leadership of Pan Trinbago shortly - what do we want?

I want a professionally made Panorama video of the highest order that will turn a profit. This DVD should be able to sweep all technical and creative awards worldwide. To accomplish this the New Visionaires will have show an ability to raise funding, interact with real professionals, an ability to market globally, an ability to increase sales, think outside the box, an ability to attract new people and widen the fan base, an ability to identify talent, a respect for the Trinidad and Tobago Pan product and an ability to balance the books. Not to mention putting on a live show that is prime time ready.

What do you want?

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Bugs, Assuming. I would like to see a serious effort made to have a carnival day for the steelband. Challenge the steelbands to involve their supporters in bringing a band.

If the NEW VISIONARIES win, much credit will have to be given to the WST FORUM for championing their cause night in and day out. And Cecil Hinkson has been their BIGGEST SUPPORTER on this forum so they should bring him down to Trinidad and give him a job in the organization to implement his PAN ON THE ROAD PROGRAMS. He could also be the Global Public Relations Officer interacting with EXPATS and PAN LOVERS the world over and building that database with 100,000 contacts so that when the PANORAMA DVD is completed (or the 12 best Panorama performances CD) we could sell 20,000 copies in the blink of an eye.

I would like to see two global ambassadors for the PAN  appointed (Salmon Cupid and Mia Gormandy are my candidates) and have them make about 12 trips a year to various countries demonstrating, marketing, and originating PAN FANS on every continent.

And a new WEBSITE with a GLOBAL FORUM. And don't forget all the promises of TRANSPARENCY and all the other multisyllabic words I saw floating around.

Claude I like your idea of a built in sales cushion through a global data base. I also like you idea of paid global ambassadors for pan. Like the automobile industry learned and expanded on immediately - it doesn't matter if you have manufactured the greatest car ever produced. If people don't know how to drive there is no chance of them buying your car. You have to invest in programs that teach people how to drive in order to expand the market. The New Visionaries have to invest in ambassadors who can generate a global interest Trinidad and Tobago pan products.  The Codrington Pan family would also be great ambassadors.  


Bugs, definitely a change in attitude towards the WST membership, seeing that we all share the same interest in the Steelband/Steelpan.

Given  that assumption...,to all of the above suggestions, I agree.   I would like to suggest that all projects will be endorsed  and acquire funding and input from  the T&T government, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Ministry of Education and their schools, The Universities, banking institutions, religious bodies, The Police service, all places of business, etc. Trinidad and Tobago and all inhabitants including those living abroad should have input and contribute financially and otherwise to the smooth and excellent existence of the steelpan association.  It's our indigenous instrument and it needs to be showcased professionally and survive financially.  The applications of the computer and the pan should be paramount as we move the pan to a higher level of performance, acceptance and uniqueness.


I must admit that I am not well informed on Trini pan politics , nor of the personalities involved.

I do know that the current administration has been accused of corruption, mismanagement,having a thin ear to the desires  the membership , and not having a legitimate plan for the future of the artform.

Apart from being advocates of transparency and accountability , which I admit are big deals , I'm not aware of plans by any opposition to do things differently, and to move the art-form into the twentieth century.

Maybe the New Visionaries have a progressive agenda of which I am not aware , but to be blunt , it all appears to be the same old wine in new bottles.

As many have made it clear , I am an ex-pat with limited knowledge of the local pan scene, so this may or may not be any of my concern ..

However , as a lover of the steelband artform globally, one can only hope that new elections  provide a new lease for life tor the steelband organization , as we try to figure out thre best course of action for the advancement of our beloved art-form in this new millennium.

Same old wine in USED BOTTLES. But maybe they would accept some ideas from the EXPATS and build some partnerships. Speaking bluntly, once they win the election -- THANKS FOR THE RIDE!!!

I am involved in Pan in Europe and I can only add that if Panorama DVD's are to be spread and sold worldwide to make a profit then Panorama has to change the type of music it focusses on. I love Panoramas musical lineup but for the majority or listeners around the world it is too long and complex for people to go out and buy.

That being said, at the moment when I DO want to buy it, there is no way for me to get my hands on it (would love to get my hands on a DVD of the World Panorama this past summer) so it is an issue.

I agree with you , Adam that the complexity of panorama music makes it a difficult sell to those uninitiated to pan music, especially without video..

Which is why we need a "gateway" to introduce the uninitiated to the joys of pan music ,before we introduce them to the heavy stuff.( The Carnival parade , maybe)

And which is why casual listeners request tunes like 'Under the Sea" and "Yellow Bird"  from highly skilled panists, which drives pan pros crazy.

Adam: There is always ONE IN A MILLION who wants to buy it -- but those are NOT GOOD ODDS!!

The sad reality is the there is almost no market for panorama music globally, only those that really know about it will buy it.

My point EXACTLY, Cecil!!!


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