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Going Retro for Panorama 2014 - Lack of Talent or Lack of Creativity?

Bradley has got to be rolling in his grave. So, is this what panorama has come to? It is hard for me to believe that the young people decided to go with all these dinosaur chunes - no matter how great they were in their time.


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Winston, If any band play the Bull, I would like them to play it the way Kitch sing the tune, some bands play it with the ending of the verse the same as the ending of the Chorus, that is not the way it should be played, listen to Kitch and you will see what I am talking about (in those days a lot of bands used to do that, it's like when somebody singing a Minor tune, at the end is usually the same lav-way).  


I would like to hear what you think of Exodus "Mama Dis Is Mas" by Pelham Goddard...http://youtu.be/JOWjmG4isYc

This was performed at the 2003 Bomb competition. Could this performance make it in a Retro Panorama competition?

ODW, That tune I believe was done to remember Bertie/Hi-landers, it bring back memories. If there is a Retro Panorama competition I would enjoy hearing this arrangement (Bertie arrangement) but it cannot win,its not Exodus own.

Ian, its a good tune with Robert he will work it, I stand with him.

Gavin: Dem fellahs up here living in foreign doh have ah clue about the rapid changes happening in the T&T music whirlpool. So they should not argue with YOU and IAN.

ANYTHING could happen in this 2014 PANORAMA.

Claude, Yuh want to make ah bet that NO old tune ain't come is the first 3? even yuh boi.

Ah go take dat bet!!! Dey have to give we ah least ah 3rd place.

Ah go send yuh some SOUR DOUGH BREAD from SAN FRANCISCO if I lose.

What ah getting if I win?


If you lose, Cecil going to give you ah lot ah Totee talk, lol

 Totee used the sell meat in St James market, she was also Tripoli flag woman. Every carnival Sunday nite she had a party for Homosexuals and Transvestites, she was ahead of the game.

Like all yuh trying to get meh kicked off the forum or wah?


I sim
I simply think the majority of pan tunes are boring this year. Plain talk. Nothing for d north stand to fete to when d bands rolling on stage.
Cecil and Bede , Totee Jack used to sell the TT Guardian in the sixties in Sando, that is the name the hookers gave him.


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