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Out of 16 large bands 8 has chosen their tune and 4 chose Good Morning. Despers, Renegades,XO and Skiffle will be giving us their version of it

I always feel it is better to play a tune that no one is playing, you get a better mark from the judges, that's just my opinion.

So we have Zanda, Duvone, BJ and Pelham and Odie. Kendell and Mark trying to show us who will have the best GOOD MORNING, good luck to all.

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And on top of that it is a REAL NICE ENJOYABLE CALYPSO!!!!

So the renditions will be FEVER PITCH. I have to go back and listen to the calypso about 20 more times so that I could better enjoy the nuances of the arrangements.

It is not a "GOOD MORNING" for pan men, women and children in T&T. Seems like many have already moved past 2016 payments.

patrick, this is panorama time in the Mecca, trini will be thankful when ever they take the bounce outta the cheque, but players are ready to go for 2017.

Yuh talking Outta timing Claude..... Doh worry....I am yet to be proven wrong..... stay tuned

Oh yes, i am loving this. if the other could follow especially Boogie i think it would be awesome #bostoncarnivalvillage

We now for sure Boogsie ain't going with nobody music, and I think he has an edge and things ain't even start yet by not playin the test piece

Cecil: I take offense to you calling one of the BEST PANORAMA CALYPSOS in years a test piece. Listen to all dem other STUPID CALYPSOS where the composers are taking KNOWN RUNS that fit the PAN ( which the PAN MEN sit around and practice all year round every year  and continuously recycle every year in PANORAMA) using them as a foundation for the calypso. It is like PLASTIC SURGERY on CALYPSO with the out-of-breath singer's mouth and voice twisting to try to deliver the lyrics.

"GOOD MORNING" is the FIRST CALYPSO that you can adapt to PAN in years -- GO AHEAD PAN MAN!!! Just like in the 60's and 70's and 80's!!!

This PANORAMA ah jumping into the DELOREAN and going BACK TO THE PANORAMA FUTURE!!!

Bro If 4 bands out of 8 choose the same song to me it becomes like a test piece, this does not imply that it's a bad song, it has happen many times before.

It is just my opinion that when arrangers play the same tune there is a perception that they are judge by the best one, why go down that road?

Doh listen to me yuh know. I so busy following this DOLLY and KEITH drama I cannot even THINK about PANORAMA!!!

I see Star Lift has join the Good Morning group making it the 5th band to play the same tune in the large band category,  very interesting. After we find out what Supernovas and Harmonites are playing  I'll be calling on you all to pick the 3 top scoring Good Morning. Stay tuned.

Cecil: I am sure that they did not make that song (GOOD MORNING) for PANORAMA but the CALYPSO fits the EXPRESSION of the PAN so perfectly -- this PANORAMA will wipe away all the PAN TRINBAGO tears and prove to be the MOST EXCITING PANORAMA maybe EVER.

Ah done listen to GOOD MORNING about 25 times and then ah went on chordify and see how the song moving nice and sweet. I ready for PANORAMA right now, yes!!!

That song that ALL STARS playing is a good song but it is a little short of a length compared to TRINIDAD GOOD MORNING!!!

Shades of the year when Despers, Pan Am North Stars and Highlanders played "Mama this is Mas".

All three bands recorded their Panorama versions too. So that with a jukebox charging you 25 cents to play 3 tunes, you got a choice of playing those 3 tunes in any order, and argument like peas for the rest of the year. I like this.

The "own and disposable" tunes alienate people who are really not 24 x 7 pan aficionados.

My only fear is that after this year, some idiot with nothing to do, doesn't propose that the bands must play tunes by Trinbago composers.


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